I was looking at some pictures of the old "Playland at the Beach" on a Facebook Group.  Those pictures got me thinking, and while I vaguely remembered part of Playland, my biggest and most powerful memories was "Skateland at the Beach". Dad would like my brothers and I to Playland to enjoy the "Fun House" and probably the rides too, but I don\'t remember the rides.  The highlight of our trips to Playland was going to Skateland.  By age 14/15 or so, I would just go directly to Skateland - and eventually, I would take the bus there by myself to skate.


Dad took me here and told me about the fun adventures he had at Skateland, from trying to impress a girl by skating backwards -, and skating out the back door (see the photo above) to grabbing onto that same girl’s hand for "last skate" and finding she didn\'t have skates on anymore!


I celebrated my 18th birthday here, and like Dad, I was showing off to my friends while doing a speed skate competition, and on exiting the rink, fell flat on my face! But, I had won, that that was a plus.  


Sadly, about 6 months later Skateland was closed and torn down (along with the rest of Playland).