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    It's TDP's 3rd birthday, and we can't even express in words how grateful we are to all of our loyal customers, fans, community members, gallery users, and more... for helping to make TDP what it has become, over the past 3 years!

    One of the most enjoyable things to do at TDP, as a designer, is to browse through the gallery and see how people are using the products we design in order to document their precious memories. Seriously... it's so much fun for us to see!

    As such, we thought it would be fun to kick off a fun GAME OF GALLERY LOVE during our birthday weekend... so everyone can help spread the joy of seeing/sharing all of the pretty things that can be found in The Digital Press gallery!

    Here's how it will work...
    ...to participate, all you have to do is find a few layouts that you love in the gallery... and link them up!
    (1) one should be a layout from the gallery of the person who posts above you
    (2) one should be a layout from your OWN gallery that you love
    (3) and finally, one should be a layout you love from anywhere in the gallery at all!

    In your post... please leave a link to your gallery at TDP, to make it easier for the next person to find your gallery!

    And finally... this next part isn't required... but I also thought it would be fun if we each tagged the people whose layouts we're sharing, so they'll get a forum notification and can come see what we've posted from their gallery (and also, they can join into the game, as well)! To tag another user... simply type the "at" symbol ( @ ) before the user's forum name -- so, for instance, mine would be Laura Passage .

    Anyone who participates in this game between now and the end of Wednesday 11/29 (at 11:59pm ET) will be entered into a random drawing to win $5 to spend in my shop at TDP!

    I'll get things started...

    (1) there's nobody above me, so I can't post that layout (I'll be the only one w/ that problem throughout this game, though)...

    (2) a layout from MY OWN GALLERY that I have always loved is this one (it's a series of photos I that my son took of himself when he was 4-yrs-old -- and I happened to snap a photo of him while he was doing it -- it was sooo funny!)...


    (3) and finally, here's another random layout from the gallery that I'm smitten with... from kaphelps 's gallery (isn't it soooo purty?! ...


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    ~ Laura ~

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    I am game to play along.

    A layout from Laura Passage gallery:

    Love the fun photo series and playful stitched stars.

    From my gallery.

    From the member gallery:
    This one from Kat Hansen

    For me such a cat person to adore this cute face is indicative of its' charm. Love the cuteness overload, the classic black and white conversion and the sheer delight it evokes.


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      Stefanie -- thank you! So, in return, here's a page I just love from your gallery -- I love all the photos (you have a great way of putting a lot of photos on a page ... says the person who loves a one-photo layout! LOL), and the mix of the alphas and fonts.

      Okay, second part of the game is a fave from my own gallery ...

      Wendy Morris-Saponaro
      And now a pick from the gallery ... I love the black and white photos here against the fall colors - and it's hybrid, which I just simply cannot do, so I have a lot of admiration for those that can!



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      Person above me:

      My Gallery:

      In the gallery:


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        my turn next!

        Here is one from saar's gallery - I love the big photo and then the little ones too (and I have always been partial to a bit of a rainbow!)

        and a recent fav from my gallery - this one just makes me smile!

        and then one from the gallery - this one from caliten is great, I love the flow of circles, with all the other bits tucked in here and there!


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          I love the serenity on this page by corrin

          From my gallery, i've chosen this layout. I love the happy feeling that goes so perfectly with my little one

          And i've chosen this page by huyentrang43 . This little girl is so cute and the layout is amazing

          Proudly creating for Anita Designs - Designed by Irma - Dunia Designs - Monthly Chronicles and Rachel Etrog Designs


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            The person above me:

            My own:

            Someone in the gallery: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...-cover&cat=550

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              1. The Person above me:


              2. My own page: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...ahappy&cat=500

              3. from gallery:

              Last edited by Hillary; 11-24-2017, 05:48 PM. Reason: edited to add in the link to your layout. :)


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                I haven't been in the forums or gallery for a while now - definitely time to get back!! There is so much to see and enjoy.
                So, here is a layout from doti40 (member who made the above post). I love water/beach photos, so this caught my eye. I also really like that her subjects are not facing the camera lens - a nice change from the more typical "cheese" photos.

                Second is one of mine - from the Summer Camp Challenges this summer. I rarely do pocket style pages, but I love this one (maybe I should do more??)

                And finally, I choose this one from the gallery of Cherrygutz . The woodgrain background and the theme of thankfulness are perfect for this fall page.



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                  I'll go!!!

                  1. I picked this layout by Joan because I love a big picture, and I loved her journaling and the fact that it was recording memories from her childhood.

                  2. This is one of my favorite layouts. MY GALLERY

                  3. I picked this one from the gallery by @beatricemi because I loved how she scrapped the pictures of these handsome little boys. That bold light paper in the back is perfect!


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                    1. The person above me

                    2. My own gallery

                    3. Someone in the gallery


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                      I want to play!
                      The person above me:
                      I chose this one because I am a Libra too! And I love the bright, bold colors!

                      One from my gallery:

                      From the gallery:
                      Could this be any cuter?? by @mrivas



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                        oh what a beautiful game

                        here is one form Krista

                        from my gallery

                        and this from Ga_L
                        --- ASTRID ---


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                          I haven't been here in a while either, so how stoked am I to be able to pick something from Astrid's gallery! I love the artsy, edgy feel of this layout:

                          Here's one I love from my gallery; I love scrapping old photos!:

                          ...and what fun is this layout by @weaselwatchr:

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                            Oh, I love this one from @AKZ with the sequential photos (and I'd have LOVED to see a shuttle launch!)

                            From my gallery, because I love this memory and also everything else about this page:

                            And from the gallery, this one by dawnfarias . I love seeing pages that our designers make themselves, and I also love the bold little pops of color on this monochromatic page: