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NSD CHALLENGE | Scraplift The Person Above You

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  • NSD CHALLENGE | Scraplift The Person Above You

    Happy Friday my fellow scrappers! and happy almost-NSD! Hopefully a bright spot in your weekend will be to shop, scrap, play our games and leave love in our gallery.

    I get to bring you the scraplift challenge today! Here's how it works:
    • Post a reply below letting us know that you're "in" on this challenge, and be sure to include a link to your personal TDP gallery.
      • Wondering how to do this? Log in first, then click on the Gallery tab, then My Photos. Highlight the URL text at the top (starts with http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...howgallery.php), and copy it. Then just paste it in your thread here (or use the URL link if you are so inclined).
    • Go to the personal TDP gallery of the person who posted directly above you, and choose any page or project from that person's TDP gallery to scraplift.
    • After you've completed and posted your page or project in the TDP gallery, come back here and edit your original post to include a linked image of the layout you scraplifted, and a linked image of the layout you made. (Hint: BBCode is your friend.)
    Since I'm the first one posting, I took the liberty of choosing who I wanted to scraplift. I chose to scraplift the layout Love by Anne PC

    And here is my scraplift of that page:

    For the next person, here's my gallery: Tiffany's Gallery.

    And one last review of the rules:
    1. Your layout must use 100% TDP product.
    2. Your page/project must be a scraplift of a page in the gallery of the person who posted directly above you. You must include the page you chose to scraplift in your post.
    3. You must post your layout in the TDP gallery and then post in this thread with a link to the gallery image of your page.
    4. Your layout must be posted in this thread no later than 11:59pm PT on Wed 5/6 in order to be eligible to win one of the CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRIZE awards (don't forget to visit that thread which is COMING SOON, and put your prize choices in rank order!). Winners will be announced in the TDP newsletter on Friday 5/8.
    5. Most importantly... HAVE FUN!
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    Looking forward to this, I can't wait to scraplift one of your pages Tiffany.

    I am going to scraplift this one -

    Here is my layout -
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      I need the push! Joining in!

      Here is my gallery!

      Here's the LO I picked from Claire's gallery:

      And here's the page that it inspired!
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        I'm in as I always love a scraplift challenge... off to find something from Chloe's gallery.
        Think I will attempt this one:

        Here's mine for the next in line: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...cathquillscrap

        Adding in my layout:
        Last edited by CathQuillScrap; 05-04-2020, 09:29 AM.


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          I’ll scraplift you, Cathy. Here's the page from Cathy's gallery that I chose:

          and here's the page it inspired:

          Here’s the link to my gallery: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...ername=caliten
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          • CathQuillScrap
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            Gorgeous scraplift... thanks soooooo much.

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          I will scraplift Carrie....

          Here is MY GALLERY

          I picked this layout from Carrie's gallery....

          and here is my take on it...

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            I will scraplift this from Hillary:

            This is my version:

            And here is My Gallery: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...e=swtonscrappn
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              Originally posted by chloe View Post
              I need the push! Joining in!

              Here is my gallery!

              Here's the LO I picked from Claire's gallery:

              BRB with my scraplift!
              Oh this is one of my faves! So pleased you chose this one. It was a freebie template. Do you have it?


              • chloe
                chloe commented
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                Oh, shoot, I don't like to scraplift from a template page because it's like stealing the design... Well, too late! I may have it but I created my own design!

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              Whoever signs in next be sure to lift from



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                I'm in on the challenge, this looks like fun! I'm off to look at Swtonscrappn's gallery.

                Here's my gallery

                Here's the layout I chose

                and here's my layout

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                  I'm looking forward to scraplifting mom2my2monkeys.

                  Here's my gallery: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/gal...ername=elaineu

                  EDIT: I loved her page Best Friends. I rotated it for my lift!

                  My page:

                  Last edited by ElaineU; 05-02-2020, 10:29 AM.


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                    Here is my gallery: ninigoesdigi Gallery

                    You have a very lovely gallery ElaineU I will scraplift this page from you

                    EDIT : and here is my scraplift!

                    Last edited by ninigoesdigi; 05-01-2020, 08:45 PM.


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                      Yay! I get to lift ninigoesdigi. I am choosing this layout.

                      And here is my take:

                      Here is my gallery.
                      Last edited by Stefanie; 05-02-2020, 03:45 AM.


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                        Ohhh I get to scraplift Stefanie! I'll scraplift this one:

                        Here is my version:

                        And my gallery is here
                        Last edited by mocamom; 05-02-2020, 11:25 AM.



                        • Stefanie
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                          Thanks so much fro choosing that layout. So sweet of you and such a wonderful scraplift.

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                        Here is the one I choose to Scraplift

                        and Here is mine

                        Individual user galleries - any photo category,
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                        • mocamom
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                          Ohhh I love your take on my layout. That black and white photo with the two color ones really makes the page stand out!