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  • 5 things...

    Okay, ladies... let's do a 5 things real quick...

    5 things you love about fall.... and if you live in a part of the world where it's not fall, what's 5 faves about spring?

    and go.

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    Here are mine!
    1. The smell of fall... inside and out
    2. The colors of the trees
    3. Hot coffee on a cool morning on the porch
    4. Sweaters and sweatshirts
    5. Turning the AC off and opening the windows (and to my hubby's dismay... turning on the fireplace!)

    (so, it seems I'm pretty basic... but, I did NOT put pumpkin anything... so there's that...)


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      Okay, I'll play.... Here's mine:
      1. Our annual Fall vacation (I live in So. Florida, so we don't see fall unless we travel north)
      2. Gaining that hour back that Day light savings time stole from us
      3. Backyard fires in our fire pit
      4. The return of the birds that migrate south
      5. Stews, soups and homemade bread make their way back into our menu rotation

      (And outside of that one piece of pumpkin pie I have at Thanksgiving... y'all can keep your pumpkin spiced products. I do enjoy the Halloween pumpkin carving with the littles, though!)


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        I'm not a huge fan of fall because I hate raking leaves and It reminds me that winter is coming, but I'll play along and maybe it will make me think more positively about it haha
        1. College Football
        2. NFL Football
        3. The colors
        4. No heat or ac bills and open windows
        5. All things Halloween!


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          Woohoo! Fall!

          1. Beautiful golden leaves ('cause here in Colorado it seems like almost all the trees go golden, with the occasional red vagrant. Though this year it's been so dry that the trees are going early, and lots of them straight to brown. Yuck.)
          2. Jeans and boots and sweaters (goodbye tank tops and shorts and sandals! See you in ... June.)
          3. Scarves
          4. Soup. Warm, thick, delicious soup. Sigh.
          5. The brisk fall air, you know, the kind that pinks your cheeks and makes you snuggle into your scarf? I love it despite the fact that it makes me want to go apple picking even though that's sadly not really an available option in my neck of the woods.

          Oh, and while pumpkin will worm its way into my diet this fall, it will be staying away from my coffee! Current faves are Sprout's Pumpkin Spiced Cider and their Pumpkin Chips (which are basically corn chips with roasted pumpkin seeds).


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            Let's see ...

            1. Boots! I live in boots during the fall and winter seasons.
            2. Football - pretty much every weekend from now until February there will be at least one or two footballs games on, college and/or NFL.
            3. Down comforter on the bed - and lazy Sunday mornings curled up under the covers, all snuggly.
            4. Cooking roasts on the weekend (and the apartment not getting so warm! LOL), and the smell ... oh, so yum!
            5. It's the perfect time for me to start a new knitting project.


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              I love Autumn!

              1. The leaves! I love the colours of leaves on and off the trees, and the sound of crunching through them, and the sound of my kids enjoying stomping through them too
              2. That it is Back to school time! I love having my kids home for the summer holidays (which for us goes from very end of July until Sept), but when school starts again, I love the return to routine and a little bit of peace and quiet!
              3. My big cosy bed - it feels even cosier in Autumn, when it isn't really cold out of bed, but ahhhhh the cosiness of being in bed!!
              4. My mind turns to CHRISTMAS!! Yay!! (halloween is not so big over here, although it seems to be a bigger deal each year, but my mind is quite happy to skip right over that and get to Christmas!).
              5. I quite like the darker evenings of Autumn (but not so much the dark afternoons of winter!). I like it to be light when we get home from school for a couple of house, but I am happy for the sun to go down over dinnertime, and then it is easier to get my wriggly ones into bed in the dark. I"m all about the easy life aren't I?!?!


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                1. Fall leaves
                2. Flannel sheets
                3. Fuzzy socks
                4. Electric blankets
                5. Jigsaw puzzles


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                  1- the birthday of my second son
                  2- the colors of the leaves
                  3- cozy moments in family
                  4- hot chocolate
                  5- read stories with my children, in fact we do that all the year ;-)


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                    Fall is my favorite!!

                    1. Cooler temps! I live in Texas so that means "sweating less" lol
                    2. fall scented candles
                    3. College football
                    4. did I mention sweating less?
                    5. family outings in the gorgeous weather! (did I mention sweating less?)


                    • #11
                      1. Everything is green
                      2. The spring flowers
                      3. The happy birds
                      4. Wearing fewer layers
                      5. Fresh fruit


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                        Fall is my fav! It's a bit different in the desert, but still so, so good!

                        1. The light (golden hours)
                        2. Eating meals outside again
                        3. Planting Fall flowers in my pots
                        4. wearing boots
                        5. making soup and chili- although I do this year round it goes over better when it's not 112 degrees


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                          Thanks for playing, friends! I love all of the above!


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                            Spring for me!

                            1. Spring bulbs
                            2. Wattle
                            3. Apple blossom
                            4. Bees
                            5. Replacing the puffy for a cardy!


                            • caliten
                              caliten commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Okay, to me a wattle is something used to prevent erosion, and somehow I’m thinking that not what you’re talking about. So what is a wattle? And while we’re at it, what are puffed and carries too?

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                            I'm in Canberra, Australia, Wattle is our national flower, and is a small and yellow puff ball type flower. A puffy is a down jacket, and cardy is short for cardigan.


                            • corrin
                              corrin commented
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                              I didn't know about the wattle (all I could think of was that they used to use wattle and daub to cover the outside of huts/houses in "the olden days"!), but I knew the puffy and cardy! you are heading the opposite way to me, I'm needing something more than my cardy in England now!