BUCKET LIST - When I was young this was a list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Back then we called it a TO DO LIST or a WISH LIST. Slowly, but surely, I ticked things off as I accomplished them. Later, someone came up with the “Bucket List” which referred to things you wanted to accomplish before you “kicked the bucket” or in others words, before you died. These lists included everything from the abstract, “be the reason someone smiles today,” to the elaborate, “see the seven wonders of the world,” and everything in between. Of course I wanted to travel  and see the world but sometimes some things just don’t work out. Meanwhile, I am still working on my simple list from my younger days. I still haven’t gotten that cabin in the mountains or celebrated 50+ years of marriage. Thankfully, I haven’t died in my sleep yet. And I still haven’t grown up. But I’m working on it.


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