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On my way home from the office each day I would pass the mural as I walked to get the Express bus. It is such a beautiful mural and evokes such emotion each time I see it.

Renowned Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has unveiled another soaring mural in New York. A seven-story kneeling firefighter meant to pay tribute to lives lost on 9/11. The new piece, which Kobra referred to as “the braves of 9/11” on his Instagram, has completely transformed a formerly blank wall located at 780 Third Avenue in Midtown East. “In the specific case of this mural, I am paying homage to the firemen who fought bravely that day” Kobra said “The image contains details that allude to the historical episode. On the helmet, I wrote the numbers 343. This is a reference to the number of firefighters killed that day. There is also a representation of the Twin Towers, and the flag of the United States. The stars represent all the lives that were lost in the tragedy— which left nearly 3,000 dead.