Not sure the journal size is very easy to read so here it is:

"When we moved in, I was very happy with my double- sliding-door pantry closet in my kitchen. But after a while, you start to realize how tricky it is really. Too deep, too high. Things just start to pile up and you don’t remember what is behind the first row of things. Over the 5 years we have been here it has become some kind of Bermuda triangle and I needed to rethink it and do something.
I did actually do a few things in the past : take a shelf out and insert an IKEA drawer rack for my cooking stuff. Gather things more by types etc... But finally I also found a system to store the food and now with my labels and easy to drag folder boxes I can see what is behind the first row lol I am very hapy with myself.

Here are my Korean and Japanese dry food, paste, pastas and sauce, miso soup too. Behind those plastic boxes I have another row of the same style. With the labels, I just know at first sight what’s in there but because they are transparent it’s not too hard to know. Before that, things were just pilling up and it was a mess. Now that things are at their own place (roughly... I still need to move a few things around), my magazines and cooking book shelf for example has only that and no more."


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