I had a stroke in June 2006 and gained an entirely new perspective on what was my life, but most of all a new perspective on my husband, Mike. We had been going through life without a care in the world, everything was going great. Then I had the stroke and our world turned upside down.

The doctor’s told Mike that if I survived my coma, I would never walk, talk for be able to care for myself. He told them that he knew that I would not only survive that I would get back everything I lost.

He stood by me as I learned to feed myself, to walk again, to dress myself, to do simple things like sort and fold clothes. He had to stand by watching me struggling to do things, and just let me learn even though he wanted to step in and do it for me.

He could have just walked away, like so many spouses do, but he knew we loved each other enough to weather this storm together and we became stronger for it.