October 8 is National Pierogi Day! I celebrated with a serving of potato and cheddar pierogies.

Pierogi (or pierogy) are dumplings made up of unleavened dough that are first boiled then sometimes baked or fried in butter. Usually semicircular in shape, they are traditionally stuffed with a mashed potato filling, potato and cheese, potato and onion, cheese, cabbage, sauerkraut, ground meat, mushroom, spinach or fruit. Pierogi originated in Central Europe and are considered to be one of the national dishes of Poland.

Glendon, Alberta, Canada is home to the “Giant Perogy”, a 27 ft tall, 6000 lb. structure of steel and fiberglass on a huge fork. You can enjoy the real thing at the nearby Perogy Café.


CREDITS: PHOTO of pierogi by me; PHOTO of statue from web; KIT – “Baked with Love”, Meg Creations; FONT - Aparajita Bold