Created for Week 4 Summer Camp 2018 / Arts & Crafts.

Template: WWC _EverydayLifeVol2_02.2 (modified)

Kits Used: Get Outdoors by Rachel Etrog Designs

Journal Cards Used: Under An African Sky by KB Designs

Wood Alpha from Happy Days Dawn by Design


  1.  Selecting a Background - (I changed the huge and saturation of the paper to better fit with the colors in the layout.)

  2. Lengthen Your Elements - (The go outside and enjoy paper strip was extended on the right side to fit under the flower.)

  3. Creating a Cut-Out - (Cut out the Henry Doorly and added a pattern paper. Cut out a solid green journal card and added the 2nd below.) 

  4. Realistic Ribbon Wrap Technique - 

  5. Custom Journal Strips - (Rated Strip.)

  6. Writing Text around a Circle - 

  7. Playing with Pocket Templates - (shrunk the pocket template to around 80% and used the space outside the original template.)

Fonts: Athelas, Bebas Neue, Morning Dew