More pictures of our search to find the perfect wedding location. This time with some journaling to go with it.


Journaling reads:

Sunday, February 8, 2015 there was an open day organized by "Toptrouwlocaties" during which you could choose from 128 different dream locations to go visit. We had selected 5 romantic locations in advance that were very appealing to us and Castle the Haar in Haarzuilens was the first on the list to visit. As soon as we walked through the castle gardens and the impressive castle appeared from behind the bushes we were instantly in love. The rose garden that was situated in front of the surrounding canal seemed like a perfect place for a ceremony. Since it had snowed this week, there were still no roses visible, but with a little imagination you saw that it could become a very magical place. However, in the Netherlands you can never be sure that the weather will be nice. So there is always an alternative inside location needed and at Castle the Haar this would be the Chapel or the Library for the ceremony. Both the Chapel and the Library had very few available seats so that would mean that we would have to be more selective with our guest list. You were also surrounded by tombs in the Chapel and the library was very dark. The Coach House would then be the place where the dinner and the party could be held, but we found it less atmospheric in relation to the rest of the castle. Because of these reasons and the high costs, we finally decided not to choose this beautiful location, even though this magical castle had already won a place in our hearts.


For this layout I used the Infinity Elements and Infinity Papers kit by Sahin Designs and the stitching and paint splatter form the May 2018 Layout Templates kit by Sahin Designs and the Infinity Elements kit by Anita Designs.