Onion-Cheese Supper Bread


1/2 C chopped onion

1 Tbl margarine or butter

1/2 C milk

1 egg, slightly beaten

1 1/2 C Biscuit Mix

1 C shredded cheddar cheese

2 Tbl dried parsley

2 Tbl margarine or butter, melted

8 servings, 6 pts.


1. Cook chopped onion in the 1 Tbl margarine or butter until onion is tender but not browned.

2. Stir together milk and egg; add to biscuit mix; stir until just moistened.  Add onion, 3/4 of the cheese, and parsley to mixture.

3. Spread batter into 8 or 9 inch round baking pan; sprinkle with remaining cheese.  Drizzle melted margarine or butter over mixture.

4. Bake at 400 degrees about 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean.

8 servings, 6 pts.

Best served warm.  Keeps well in refrigerator.  Great rewarmed in toaster oven and spread with margarine or butter.  NOTE:  You may leave out the parsley or substitute another dried herb of your choosing.

CREDITS:  "Travelogue", Sahin Designs