Every Easter the local newspaper runs a digital egg hunt. Ten eggs are digitally "hidden" around town and a clue is given daily to each egg\'s location. Small prizes are awarded after the hunt. Each year my sister and I visit the locations. It has been a WONDERFUL way to learn about and experience the interesting/historical sites in the city where we grew up. This is Riddle #5 from 2014
A seamy object in his hand,
He makes a monumental stand
Where a dash of ketchup serves
To please the masses between curves.
Thanks to him, we root, root, root.
We bronzed the egg to match his suit.
ANSWER: Statue of Harold Cooper at the entrance to Huntington Park

I used (3) Creating a Cut-Out and (5) The Spherize Technique. CREDITS: BALL FIELD PHOTO: Flickr; KIT: Day of the Dead by Laura Banasiak; FONT: Nueva Std Bold