JOURNALING:  The Gainesville Community Playhouse is one of the oldest community theater groups in Florida.  Their first production was back in 1927 and they have been presenting plays and musicals ever since.  In 2006 they moved into their present facility, the Vam York Theater, a 210-seat house.  I was in the front row for their production of “Legally Blonde” on July 16.  I was surprised by how much of the movie they were able to cram into the musical, interspersed with fun songs such as “Omigod You Guys” and “Legally Blonde”.  The actress (Susan Christophy) playing Paulette, the nail technician, is loud, brash and over-the-top, in other words “perfect”.  Unfortunately, Cali Newman who plays Elle sported a long blonde wig – that looked like a long blonde wig!  I couldn’t get over how fake it was.

Picture 1: Rick Bishop (Prof. Callahan), Josh Fulmer (Emmett), Ethan Ellis (Warner), Cali Newman (Elle) and Ariel Berrean (Enid).

Picture 2: Rikki Baynard (Serena), Molly Washington (Pilar), Octavia Hughes (Margot) Cali Newman (Elle), and Josh Fulmer (Emmett)

Picture 3: Cali Newman (Elle), Susan Christophy (Paulette), and Phil Young (Kyle).

Picture 4: Cali Newman (Elle) and Josh Fulmer (Emmett).

CREDITS:  Photos from the web; Template by Kim B Designs; "C\'est La Vie", Kim B Designs; "Click, Click", Laura Banasiak; "Spring in My Step", Kim B Designs (some items recolored).