There are two people from my past that have had a impression in my life. They are Joy and Kammi. Kammi & I worked together was back in about 1975-76ish. We eventually got an apartment together, which became the place that everyone came to visit.

Kammy introduced me to Joy, and then I met their other friends - Edwin, Laurie, Sean, Robert, etc. Through those friends (actually through his sister Laurie), I met my first husband, Stephen Foster.

If I didn\'t meet Kammy & Joy my life would be much different.

● I never would have met Stephen never would have got married to him and never would have had my son, David.
● I would never have found out about the Renaissance Faire & The Dicken\'s Faire.
● I would never have found my second husband Mike - who was a soul mate.
● I wouldn\'t have a great friend that drives around where I need to go since the loss of my second husband.