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My dear sweet baby girl,

I cannot possible imagine all that you feel and go through. I know that I am brought to tears knowing the pain you are in and the nausea you feel almost constantly. It breaks my heart that I cannot fix this for you. I pray for your complete healing and for your vibrant spirit to fully return. When you get to a 4 on your pain scale, we see a glimmer of that spunk and vibrancy return. A 4 is the lowest of the moderate ranking pains, and sadly, we’ve come to take that as good day. I find that sad. I want you to know how very strong and brave you are. I know the rest of us – your Dad, your brother and myself – we would be whiney and complaining and having fits constantly if one of us was in your shoes. But not you, you amaze me with your strength. I know you are scared about our upcoming trip to the Mayo clinic and the possible tests that they might run. Rely on your strength. When that is not enough rely on God’s, because His is more than enough. Your Dad and I will be right there with you, lean on us too. The Mayo is the best at finding out what is really wrong and that will give us a direction for your care afterwards with a goal to see you at 0 on the pain scale, so be brave. Remember that when you are at a 0, your extroverted, fast talking, bouncing off the wall personality drives your soft spoken, introverted brother a bit crazy, which should help you to have courage. As for me, I’m looking forward to going and doing all the things you’ve been missing out on once you are better.