June 25, 2017

Dear Family,

I had so much fun today. I went to see a community theater production in High Springs, a neighboring town.  I was lucky to get the final ticket to their last performance of “Rehearsal for Murder”. The theater building once was a small church, so I knew right away that this wouldn’t be of the quality put on by the Hippodrome Theater.  It wasn’t – but it was a lot of fun anyway.  I was surprised that they allowed me to take photos during the performance.  I’ve got more pictures to show you but I thought I’d send a couple with this letter.  The “murder mystery” had me guessing right up until the end. More later.

The "forever" US "postage stamp" says "Support the Arts".  

CREDITS:  "Daybook", Sahin Designs; clipart of masks of comedy/tragedy from web