We had a wonderful life together.  

We had the kids - your three and my one.  since each of your kids had 3 children, so we had 6 grandkids.   We had our 3 dogs and a cat.  We had a beautiful 2300 square foot house. We had our plans for buying a mobile home when you retired and we were going to live in it and travel.

We loved to spend time together, and we wanted to be together all the time - we were the best friend of each other.

Then you got sick.  First it was COPD and Emphysema but that was under control and wasn\'t really a big issue. Then it was the Polymyalgia Rheumatica (muscle stiffness and pain in the neck, buttocks, arms, and shoulders).

Since the normal treatments for PMR wasn\'t working, you started to go through a series of tests to find out what was wrong with you.  After they found the cancer metastasized to bone, they continued the tests but never found where it come from. Eventually, you were on oxygen 24/7 - we even had a huge you were on oxygen 24/7. Still, I had faith that you were going to get better.

I believe that the Lord seen that you were suffering and that your life wouldn\'t be what it was or what we wanted it to be. He decided that it was time for you to go home.  I think you knew that too.  I think you knew that when you went into the hospital, that you weren\'t going to leave alive.

I knew that you are in a better place. I know you are here watching out me for me.

I love you and I miss you every day.  I know that I will be with you again when that Lord calls me home as well.