Kim B - Memory Keeper and Read, Learn, Grow

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I am so happy that you and your brothers grew up with Lake Michigan as your second home. I am thankful that you passed your love for the Lake onto us. It is so nice to have all the memories I do of our time at the Lake. We went swimming so often that we also felt like the Lake was our second home. Not only did you teach us to enjoy the Lake but you also taught us to respect the water. There has never been a time when I have been afraid of the water except for the one time I went to 4-H Camp. It’s so funny that even after all these years I can still remember the terror I felt when I went swimming at camp. The camp was on an inland lake. We had never been to an inland lake before so I thought it would be like Lake Michigan. Boy, I was so wrong. I jumped in and the weeds grabbed me. I was totally unprepared for that. It felt like they were trying to pull me down. It was so scary. Luckily that ex- perience did not stop me from loving Lake Michigan. I am so thankful that I have always been able to live by the Lake in Micigan and Wisconsin.