JOURNALING: As I sit around the evening bonfire at summer camp, enjoying a hot cup of tea, all warm and cozy, I can't help but remember a far different camp experience WAY back during my Girl Scout days. Our troop had won a prize for selling the most cookies in the area - a "day" at the Scout's campgrounds.  The site is advertised as being, "home to many small cabins, lodges, and primitive camping sites." Now that I think about it, maybe it was the BOOBY prize, because we "won" a day at one of the "primitive camping sites." IN WINTER!!! Well, actually it was mid-spring, but, the previous night it started snowing, and snowing, and ... you get the idea. Somehow, all bundled up, we managed to make it to the site around 10 AM. First thing we had to do was find some fallen limbs to sweep away the two feet of snow filling the clearing. Finding more wood to build a fire was fruitless. It was all wet. What little fire we were able to get going was mostly smoke, causing us to have to run into the woods just to be able to breathe. And, forget about S'Mores. Instead of hot, ooey-gooey, slightly burnt marshmallows atop warm chocolaty squares just starting to ooze between two graham crackers, we had hard chocolate squares, cold white puffs, and no crackers because someone forgot to bring them! We stuck it out for two hours (two too many) and then packed it in and headed for home. That was the last time our troop ever went camping!
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