JOURNALING:  A wonderful childhood memory I have is going to the local ice cream shop. It was open only during the summer; this probably would be in the 1950’s-1960’s.  It was a family affair – me, my twin sister, mother and father.  I remember it was a small, white building with two windows where you’d place your order.  My father would get butter pecan, my sister would get licorice, and I would get any type of chocolate.  My mother always got a sugar waffle cone with chocolate on the bottom and lemon on top.  She would eat the double dip, but save the very tip of the cone as a treat for our Pekingese, Sukie.  We always joked that our Peke would have lived longer if my mother hadn’t fed her chocolate! – Sukie lived to be 17 ½ years old!

Well, that little 4th generation, family-owned shop has grown and now is open year-round plus they’ve added an extensive lunch menu.  Johnson’s Real Ice Cream is a central Ohio tradition. 

CREDITS:  "I Heart Ice Cream", kbecca; "To Grandma\'s House We Go", LJS Designs; vintage photo from web.