JOURNALING: Columbus OH is a fairly "dog friendly" city. Numerous restaurants allow pooches on their patios. Kerri the Lhaso was enjoying an afternoon at Pistascia Vera\'s outdoor digs. Gesso\'s even holds "Pups on the Patio" nights on Tuesdays. Imagine the shock to learn, THAT IS ILLEGAL!  The Ohio legal code bans most live animals from food service or retails food establishments. That could change with a bill introduced in the legislature in June. It would allow dogs on restaurant patios unless the owner says "No." With many restauranteurs ignoring the prohibition anyway, let\'s hope Fido (and Kerri) will soon be  allowed to LEGALLY dine with their people. CREDITS: TEMPLATE: 2017 Summer Camp Week 1 by Anita Designs; KITS: Doxie Moxie by Laura Banasiak; Woof by creashens; FONTS: Times New Roman and Myriad Pro