JOURNALING: Many years ago, when I was a “Girl Scout,” we went to “day camp.” It lasted for 5 days. We would be at the campsite for a few hours each day. (No overnights). The first thing we noticed when we got to the campsite was it was overrun with these cute fuzzy white caterpillars. I\'m not a "bug" person, but these were really rather sweet and fluffy and didn\'t "bug" anyone. I actually started to look forward to seeing them each day. The sad part of this, however, was realizing we would not be around to see what beautiful creature these little guys would become. I\'ve tried to look on the web to maybe get an idea what happened to them, but have not been successful. CREDITS: PHOTO: web; KITS: We All Fall Down by LJS Designs; Dance in the Rain by Tracie Stroud; FONTS: Lauren Script; Times New Roman