A to Z challenge:

A- And sign: Juno Designs (Let it Snow)
B- Button cluster: Sahin Designs (Joyful Noises)
C- Circle Sticker: Mari Koelenberg (Anchor's Away)
D- Drops of paint: TDP Designer Collabs (Beginnings)
E- Epoxy flair: Anita Designs (Seaside Escape)
F- Flowers: Sahin Designs (Hawaiian Paradise)
G- Green background paper: TDP Designer Collabs (Beginnings)
H- Heart button: TDP Designer Collabs (Blessed)
I- Italic "By the Ocean": Sahin Designs (Joyful Noises)
J- Journal Tag: TDP Designer Collabs (Beginnings)
K- Knotted branch: Sahin Designs (Woodnote)
L- Leaves: Sherry Ferguson (At the Lake)
M- Main Title "Summer Fun": Mari Koelenberg (Anchor's Away)
N- Necessary splash of color journal card: TDP Designer Collabs (Beginnings)
O- Overlay: Anita Designs (Woodland)
P: Paper: Anita Designs (Seaside Escape)
Q- Quote about the beach (Font: Annie Use Your Telescope)
R- Ribbon bow: Sahin Designs (Hawaiian Paradise)
S- Sand: Sherry Ferguson (At the Lake)
T- Template-: Jimbo Jambo designs (Wax Poetic #3)
U- Understated Ocean word strip: Sahin Designs (Joyful Noises)
V- Variety of Shells: Anita Designs (Seaside Escape)
W- Wooden chevrons: TDP Designer Collabs (Woodsy Christmas)
X- not used
Y- "You Me The Sea" Word Art: Sahin Designs: Hawaiian Paradise
Z- ZigZag ribbon: Anita Designs (Just Breathe)