JOURNALING: There are 11 word strips here because one of these MAY be a lie...OR NOT!
  1. I have a twin sister.
  2. I have a crested Yorkie rescue pup Pennie.
  3. Big soccer fan - (heart) Messi, (heart) Schelotto.
  4. Baseball broke my (heart).
  5. Music to me is Frank Sinatra.
  6. I still own my 1st car, an original Mustang.
  7. I flew an airplane.
  8. I rode in a stunt airplane upside down.
  9. I did improv on stage last summer.
  10. I talked a Russian cop out of a ticket.
  11. I met Presidents Carter and Ford.
  CREDITS: KIT: Dance in the Rain by Tracy Stroud; FONT: Ocean Coastlines