Credits: Life\'s Snapshots Volume 10, Template 2 by Jen C Designs, Chinese New Year by Meagan\'s Creations and Connie Prince and Zoobilee Farm Glitters by Megan\'s Creations. Font is BMD Second Breakfast. Journalling reads: Since Daddy was still on holiday from work, he was able to come with us to one of the weekly craft sessions at the Ashmolean Museum. This week’s theme was Chinese Dragons. We started off with our usual shiny crowns decorated with stickers while the kids ate lunch. Then we got to make the scheduled crafts, Dancing dragon puppets made from folded paper, cutout heads and lollipop sticks, Dragon masks and Chinese paper lanterns. Leia also decorated a toilet roll holder with lots of glue and bits of cut up coloured paper. Storytime in the gallery was a really interesting story called the magic pearl.

Life's Snapshots Volume 10 by Jen C Designs 

Chinese New Year by Meagan's Creations and Connie Prince

Zoobilee Farm Glitters by Meagan's Creations