Every Easter the local newspaper runs a digital egg hunt. Ten eggs are digitally "hidden" around town and a clue is given daily to each egg's location. Small prizes are awarded after the hunt. Each year my sister and I visit the locations. It has been a WONDERFUL way to learn about and experience the interesting/historical sites in the city where we grew up. This is Riddle #9 from 2009. My travel troll, Winnie Waymarker, joined us on a beautiful day at the village green.
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Riddle  #9
Today's hidden egg lies where numbered roads meet.
To find it, we give you road math to complete:
A certain route number splits Colo's abode.
Reduce that by the number of the National Road.
Reduce that by the route with a Marysville aim,
Then find a "Green" crossroads whose sum is the same.
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ANSWER: Rts. 23 (High Street) and 161 (Granville Rd.) at the Village Green in Worthington.