Credits: Life\'s Snapshots Volume 9, Template 3 by Jen C Designs and Zoobilee and Zoobilee Outback Collections both by Meagan\'s Creations. Font is KG Corner Of The Sky by Kimberly Geswein.
Journalling reads: Leia volunteered us to have her class pet, Nigel the Giant African Land Snail over half term. She’s been obsessed with him since the first day she met him in the classroom. When we collected his tank and heat mat on the last day of term, we didn’t know very much about caring for giant african land snails, except that we needed to spray his tank with the water mister and that he ate fruits and vegetables which needed to be changed daily. We definitely had no idea he would climb the sides of his tank and try to escape!
Life\'s Snapshots Volume 9 by Jen C Designs
Zoobilee Collection by Meagan\'s Creations
Zoobilee Collection Outback by Meagan\'s Creations