Done for the find the good in the bad challenge

In case the journaling is hard to read basically my pantry was a disaster. It was overloaded and disorganized because grocery prices have gone up so much I would load up on all the BOGOs ( buy one get one free) with out really checking the pantry and making sure I really needed it.

It really got ugly I couldnt really do meal planning from all that was in the pantry because I couldnt see it all. It was difficult to rotate stock so.....

The good! I took everything out of the pantry and organized everything making note of everything that I had more than enough of. The next time it came up on BOGO i didnt buy it!! Yeah!! I had so much in my pantry that my grocery bills were very low for quite awhile! Now meal planning from what I have is a breeze and I have found that BOGO\'s are rotated on an item about every 3 months. Now I check stock on things I use and only buy enough BOGO to last till the next sale.

Having a neat organized pantry is a wonderful feeling!

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