Fun and Games bundle by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Fonts: Ugly Qua, Wolf in the City, Avenir & 1942 Report

Journaling reads: Journaling reads: let me tell you a story about a princess (game) & a (stuffed) frog.  once upon a time a little girl acquired a lovely game called Disney Princess Candyland.  she was so excited to play this game; it had princess game pawns & jump cards with all her favorite supporting characters.  on a very lovely spring morning, she finally convinced her mother that it was time to play this very special game.  so she took out all the pieces, lined them up just perfectly, & even pretended to read the instructions (she was mostly looking at the pictures of lovely Disney princesses).  then, after much begging & pleading on her part, she & her mom started to play the game.  they hadn’t been playing very long when the little girl’s even littler brother decided that he did not want to play Disney Princess Candyland, even though he hadn’t been playing at all.  to show his dissatisfaction with the little girl’s game choice, he attacked the game board with a giant stuffed crown-wearing frog (who moonlights as a pillow pet when he’s not razing princess game boards).  the evil crown-wearing frog slurped up the princess game pawns & scattered the game cards across the room.  of course, the little girl cried & bemoaned the unfairness of the frog/brother’s actions.  to which the little brother announced that the game was over, time to clean up & go outside to play, preferably at the park, the one with the big red slide.  sighing, the mother of the children cleaned up the mess & quietly hid herself in the bathroom while the little boy chased the shrieking little girl around the house with the crown-wearing frog.  The End.  Thankfully.