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    Hello memory keepers! Stefanie here with a super exciting challenge... the SWITCH IT UP CHALLENGE!

    This month, I am challenging you to create a layout using any TDP product(s) you want to, BUT you have to use at least one of the products more than once, in a different way.

    What does this mean?

    You could change the color of an element and use it twice in 2 different ways. You could extract part of a product and use just a piece of it the second time. There are lots of possibilities! I know, you're all incredibly creative... and you might even come up with another idea of how to re-use a product in a different way.

    I used the Grateful Heart Collection by Rachel Designs for my page, and just to better highlight how this works... I indicated the products that I switched up with yellow numbers (you do not need to do this when you post your page, however... just explain it in text with your post!).

    You'll see that I used a dimensional flower on top of the photo and then I used it below my photos with a multiply blend mode. I tried screen mode which was lighter but then it didn't take on the wood grain texture, multiply makes it look like the flower is inked into the grooves of the paper.

    I hope my example can help to get those creative juices flowing!

    A recap of the rules for this challenge:
    • Your creation must be a new project (digital or hybrid) that uses the same element in two different ways.
    • You must use 100% TDP products, and your layout or project must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59 pm ET on November 30, 2019.
    • Once you've loaded your project image in the CHALLENGE GALLERY, please leave a comment in this thread and link us back to your project in the gallery.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread ... copy the URL to that post and add it to the NOVEMBER 2019 TRACKING THREAD.

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    I've got a couple in mine:
    - the line of green stitching: it is a single, straight line of x's in the kit. I used it twice, removing different chunks of it in my application.
    - the little golden orange word art that says Highlights of Today: I used it as-is first (lower left side of the layout), and then did a couple of things for the second use - messed around with the marquee tool and selectively adjusted only the orange part to black (and then change the letters from white to orange), but wasn't thrilled with the result, so I enlarged the element (I know, I know, the one rule in scrapbooking and I broke it), clipped it to that wood-grain travelers notebook page, and then adjusted the blend mode (overlay 100%) to make it look like it was stained into the wood.
    - the photo: I may be stretching it here, but there are actually two photos. I copied the original, then used the magnetic marquee to cut out the girl. I added a photo filter to brighten the girl and her hat. Then I turned the original photo black and white, and added a Gaussian Blur filter.


    • Stefanie
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      Wow. what an amazing take on the challenge, love the detailed steps you gave to add insight into the techniques.
      Fabulous design and luscious layering.

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    Here is mine

    I used the leaf sticker by the photo as it came in the kit (recoloured), and then I extracted just the leaf itself and used that as a little scatter element in the clusters at the top left and bottom right of the photo card.


    • Stefanie
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      Love the extracted scatter touch, you think outside of the box, well done!
      love the paper layers and the fall feeling you evoked.

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    For my switch up element I went very simple... used the red heart and then duplicated it twice and changed it's colour each time.


    • Stefanie
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      Thanks for playing along with my challenge this month. All the best to the new couple on their overseas adventure.

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    Changed the color of the paper pieces background – original paper was red. Changed the color os the star – original was also red. Took the bells off the cluster, changed the colors twice and added them to the stars.