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    Hey everyone! I'm super excited to be hosting my first ever challenge here at TDP! This month, I'm hosting the Scraplift Challenge.

    This time around, everyone will be scraplifting a page from the gallery of the person who posts ABOVE YOU in this thread!

    To participate in this challenge, just claim a spot below. Then, look at the post above yours and check out that scrapper's gallery. Choose a layout that inspires you... & scraplift it!

    What does that mean? Well, you'll be "copying" the person's layout -- but putting your own spin on it. That means you might copy the composition of the page (as I did, below)... while also changing the colors, the style, the number of photos, etc... or... it might mean that you use the same exact color scheme as the original page, but change other aspects... it's up to you. The only real requirement is that the original layout you choose to scraplift must be easily recognizable when we view your derivative creation.

    After you have created your project and loaded it into the challenge gallery here at TDP... come back here to this thread and post your finished layout, along with the layout you scraplifted. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    For my own scraplifted page, I scrapped this gorgeous layout from Kat Hansen...

    And here is my page...

    [ for my page, I used Feel Like a Woman collection by KimB Designs & Escape templates by Jimbo Jambo and Designed by Soco ]

    *NOTE* if you are new to our challenge system, you can check out all the rules and details about the rewards HERE!

    A quick recap of the rules for this challenge:
    • For this challenge, you'll need to select a page from the gallery of the person who posted above you & you'll use that page to scraplift.
    • You must use 100% TDP products, and your layout or project must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59 pm ET on MARCH 31st, 2019.
    • Once you've loaded your project image in the CHALLENGE GALLERY, please leave a comment in this thread and link us back to your project in the gallery.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread ... copy the URL to that post and add it to the MARCH 2019 TRACKING THREAD.
    • And yes... have fun!
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    I choose this layout to Scarplift:

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      Originally posted by Dragonhome View Post
      Claiming this spot for the challenge
      Yay, Judy!! Can't wait to see your layout!


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        I am going to lift this page from Dragon home

        Last edited by elainem; 03-05-2019, 07:27 PM.


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          The recap rules are for the InFocus challenge and not the scraplift.


          • tiffany scraps
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            i noticed that too and PMd kelley

          • kelleyhays
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            Oops! Sorry about that! Chalk it up to my newbie status! It's fixed now

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          Claiming this spot.
          I will be scraplifting this Page by elainem.....

          The chevrons, front and back photos andpart circles at top and bottom caught my eye.
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            I'll take this spot. I plan to lift this lovely page.


            Here is my lift.

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              Claiming a spot - well, technically a second since Kelley started with one of my pages! Off to look through Tiffany's gallery!

              ETA: I'll scraplift this page:

              And now I'm back with my page --

              Last edited by Kat Hansen; 03-17-2019, 03:13 AM.


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                I’ll scraplift Kat!

                And finally, I have a spare moment! I picked this gorgeous page from Kat's gallery:

                Be back soon with my scraplift.

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                  hong kong by esther_a

                  my lift


                  • kelleyhays
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                    Hi Sylvia! I love your take on the page you chose to scraplift -- and your resulting page is so lovely! Thank you for playing along! I think it's possible that one of the requirements got lost in the wordiness of the first post (so I just edited it in order to make things more clear for anyone else who plays along after this point, just in case!) -- which was to scraplift a page from the gallery of the person who posts just above you in this thread. No worries, though... we know how much time and effort you put into your page, and we don't want to let a little miscommunication derail you as you participate in our challenges this month, so you'll still get credit! I'm just leaving this note here to clarify things for anyone else who comes after you... and hopefully between this note and the edits I just made to the instructions at the top, I won't lead anyone else astray!

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                  Sorry again for this misunderstanding.
                  I've just created a new page, scraplifting Carrie's page * big bad voodoo daddy * ...

                  my page


                  • kelleyhays
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                    Your page is gorgeous Sylvia!! No worries at all! I'm so happy you played along :D

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                  I will scraplift sylvia.
                  Here's the one I chose:

                  Here's mine:

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                    I will scraplift from Barbara! Here's the one I chose:

                    Here's my take on it!

                    And here's my gallery if anyone would like to scraplift me!
                    Last edited by mocamom; 03-31-2019, 03:15 PM.



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                      I will scraplift this layout from mocamom

                      Here is my challenge Layout:

                      Here is my gallery, if anyone wants to lift me.
                      Last edited by Stefanie; 03-31-2019, 01:38 PM.


                      • mocamom
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                        Ohhh I love your lift Stefanie The papers are a perfect way to show off her new hair cut!