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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the November 2018 TUTORIAL CHALLENGE here at TDP!

    Did you know that TDP has awesome tutorials on its blog every week? They are typically posted to the blog every Tuesday, and are always filled with inspirational techniques or ideas to try -- usually with step-by-step visuals for you to follow along!

    For my challenge this month, you will need to find TWO (2) different tips/techniques/etc. that are taught in any of our previous Tutorial Tuesday posts on TDP's blog, and incorporate them into your layout/project. To make it just a little easier for you to find/choose a couple of tutorials to use for your project, we have updated TDP's Pinterest board, and pinned all of the previous Tutorial Tuesday posts into one place.

    You can choose any two tutorials that catch your eye. For my layout I got inspired to use the techniques in the following posts -- Gradient Paper Blending and Fun With Fonts...

    [credits: Oh, Happy Day by Sugarplum Paperie]

    In my layout you're able to see that I've given the beautiful floral background paper a horizontal gradient blending to white so the pictures and elements on the left side of the page pop out more. Then I typed out a big, chunky title which I've given an outer stroke and inner shadow. I've created a new layer of the outer stroke, gave it a drop shadow and clipped a textured white paper to it, and I also clipped some solid and transparency papers to the title itself to give it more interest.

    • You must use at least TWO different tutorials from our previous Tutorial Tuesday posts and create your project using techniques from those 2 posts. Please list links to the tutorials you use, when you post your finished project image in this thread.
    • Your creation must be made using 100% TDP products (other than any physical supplies you might need, if doing a hybrid project)
    • Your layout must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59pm ET on November 30, 2018.
    • Once you've loaded it into the CHALLENGE GALLERY, leave a comment in this thread with your project AND which tutorials you used.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread... copy the URL to that post and add it to the NOVEMBER 2018 TRACKING THREAD.
    • Have fun!
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    Awesome layout! I love what you did with the font and I tried following your directions, but couldn't get the stroke to look like that. I couldn't get the stroke on a separate layer although I have done it before with shadows. Any suggestions?


    • Sharon-Dewi
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      Thank you Pamela!
      It might depend on the software you are using. I'm using Photoshop CC and with this program I can simply type out a title with the type tool. After I've typed out the title a new layer is created in the Layers Panel. By double clicking on this new title layer a Layer Style window appears and I can apply a stroke style. I've applied a 30px sized stroke with an "outside" position in my layout. (It's very important that the position is set to outside to get this same effect!). The blending mode is set on normal and the opacity at a 100%. If you're planning on clipping papers to it later, the color you choose for this stroke doesn't matter.
      After pressing OK the style is applied and visible as an effect on your title layer. With a right mouse click on this effect in the title layer you can see the option "Create Layer". By clicking on the option "Create Layer" the stroke style is transformed into a layer of its own (underneath the title layer in the Layers Panel) and can now be used to clip papers to it and/or give shadowing.

      I hope I was able to explain the steps I took clearly, but if not please don't hesitate to ask more questions!

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    I am interested in the font tutorial. BUT...there are not much instructions. For those learning new techniques, would it be possible to get step by step instructions or a video. Because after reading the article, I am no closer to understanding how to do it.


    • corrin
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      Hi Jennifer, I’d love to help, which type of title are you trying to create, and where do you get stuck?!

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    I had fun going through the tutorials now that I've switched to PS CC. I am learning so much!!! For this challenge I used the Pursue the Perfect Shadow - The Zen of Shadowing to learn how to use the smudge tool. Waaaayyyy cool! I used it to bring up my paper corners, push up some of my flower leaves (and pull in some others) and work on my word strips. Great tut! I also used the Transforming Templates one too. Oh my word!!! In PS it's SO EASY! You wouldn't believe how I had to do it in Artisan 5. Now I just rotated it with one button. Wow!! Here's my layout!




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      I chose Large Photos for Emphasis and Tips to Easily Recolor Elements as my two Tutorial Tuesdays. For ease, I ended up using a template for the big photo so I could easily place elements around the big photo. For recolouring, the small orange maple leaf of the scattered leaves is the original colour. I used a Fill/Adjustment Layer to change that to green for the leaf by the title. For some reason, I couldn't get that to work well to create the yellow version of the leaf, so I went back to my usual way of doing it using the Hue/Saturation adjustment feature in Photoshop. I'm always recolouring kit elements to suit my needs, so this is one tip I will use over and over again. Thanks!


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        I used the Adding Texture tutorial to the curved layers & used Transforming Templates to change the size & location of the photos and moved the curve location, angle and size.


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          I have a few idea already. Traveler's Notebooks, DIY Banner, Document Passage of Time by Month, etc.

          I ended up using "Getting Creative with Alphas" and "Documents the Passage of Time by the Month."
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            Hi, Is there anyway to get some mores steps with this font tutorial. I'm still no closer to understanding. I posted on the blog post but it looks like it was deleted.


            • corrin
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              gwany1999 Hi Jennifer, which particular method were you wanting to re-create? There are four different effects in that blog post (stack it, add a stroke, clip a paper to it, or erase it from a brush background), and I think for my page I used more than one. I am using Photoshop CS5.1, but the instructions should work with various versions of photoshop. I'd love to help, just let me know which effect you are having trouble with, and where does it go wrong!?!
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            I used these two tutorials: Scraplifting a Style (I chose to scraplift dawnfarias) and Adding Handwriting to Layouts (which Dawn wrote). I love it when our designers scrap, and I love Dawn's scrapping style (here's her personal gallery link) and her products too. Some trends on her pages include paint smears and splatters, handwritten journaling or typed journaling on paper strips, doodles, big titles or big mixed alpha titles, solid or lightly patterned background paper, and the "meat" of the layout within a visual border (white space) framing the page.


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              caliten - I LOVE this page! LOL, how could I not when you've used all my own favorite go-to designing things? I am mostly tickled that you included your own handwriting. This is such a fun page with so many great things to look at, not the least, those great photos!


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                I used Gradient Paper Blending, and Blending Papers (used 3rd paper on top with overlay, erased some)


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                  tutorials used: Gradient Paper Blending and How to Make Rain Drops