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    Welcome to this month's HYBRID CHALLENGE!

    To complete this month's challenge, you will need to follow the instructions for one of the two "Hybrid How-To" tutorials that will be posted on the The Digital Press blog during October 2018. You will use the Hybrid How-To blog post of your choice (either the October 6th post or the October 20th post) as the inspiration for your project.

    Then, you'll complete the project and make sure to post the image of your completed project -- both here and in the Challenge Gallery.
    Remember, this must be a hybrid project (not just a digital project that's inspired by the hybrid projects) -- so break out your crafty goodies: glue stick & scissors, etc... and have fun creating one of these hybrid projects!

    Here's a look at the first option for October 2018...

    Hybrid How-To | Chore Chart

    Here are the rules for this challenge:
    • Your creation must be a hybrid project that is based on one of the two "Hybrid How-To" blog posts of your choosing from October 2018 (either 10/ or 10/20).
    • Your creation must be made using 100% TDP products (other than any physical supplies you need), and must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59 pm ET on October 31st, 2018.
    • Once you've loaded your project image in the CHALLENGE GALLERY, please leave a comment in this thread and link us back to your project in the gallery.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread ... copy the URL to that post and add it to the OCTOBER 2018 TRACKING THREAD.
    • Have fun!
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    created using gorgeous goodies from creashens

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    Here's my chore chart that I made for my grand niece & nephew... I left the chores blank so their Mom could fill them out. Their photos & the boy/girl icons are mounted on magnets to hold their chore lists and the for hire cards to the magnetic white board. The for hire arrow is applies with large pop dots. This was fun and I know my niece will appreciate it.