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    Happy September everyone! Robin here, and I'm excited to host the A to Z Challenge this month... and it's a fun one! It's tough, but it is also an awesome way to challenge yourself creatively and stretch your scrapbooking skills! And like Lou Holtz once said, "In this world, you're growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow." So play along with me and grow!
    For this challenge, you will need to create a layout/project that includes an item from each letter in the alphabet. So for example... A could be for "alpha" . . . B could be for "button" . . . C = card . . . D = dot . . . E = eyelet . . . F = flower . . . and so on. You don't have to use these examples, of course... you can come up with your own "A is for ___" and so on. Also, you are allowed ONE exception (i.e. one letter that you are allowed to skip and therefore don't have to use, if desired). Finally, you will need to include a list of which item you used for each alphabet letter.

    I'll be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed when I thought about this one, but you know what? It wasn't that hard! I actually shocked myself Here's my layout and my list below:

    made with Baking Spirits Bright by Mari Koegelenberg & templates March and May both by Dunia Designs

    A - arrow (in title)
    B - button (1st button)
    C - candy
    D - date
    E - enamel button
    F - frame
    G - green word strip
    H - hearts
    I - icing (on the gingerbread house)
    J - journaling
    K – kids (lots of them hehe!)
    L - (journaling) lines
    M - Maddie (my daughter) or multiple green confetti
    N - numerous photos
    O - outline (the word "Epic")
    P - pin
    Q – question (in my caption)
    R - red button (2nd button)
    S - staples
    T - triangle (on word strip) or title (Fun Ahead)
    U - under (the journaling is under the top left photo)
    V - skipped
    W - white background paper
    X - “x” stitches
    Y - YUM tiles
    Z – Zach (my son)

    See?? With some creativity EVERYONE can do this challenge So give it a try and post your page in the challenge gallery and below so we can give you some love. Don't forget the rules that always apply!

    Here are the rules for this challenge:
    • Your creation must be include all the alphabet (with one exception)
    • Your creation must be made using 100% TDP products (other than any physical supplies you need), and must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59 pm ET on September 30, 2018.
    • Once you've loaded your project image in the CHALLENGE GALLERY, please leave a comment in this thread and link us back to your project in the gallery.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread ... copy the URL to that post and add it to the SEPTEMBER 2018 TRACKING THREAD.
    • Have fun and stretch those scrapbook muscles! I can't wait to see your take on this challenge!
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    These A-Z challenges are always tricky but so fun.

    a arrow
    b banner or beads
    c charm
    d doilie
    e enamel button
    f flower
    g good day wordstrip
    h heart
    i ink splatter
    j journaling
    k kraft paper
    l leaf
    m monarch (it's a stretch)
    n note this stamp
    o orange flower
    p papers
    q quote
    r ribbon
    s string
    t tag
    u underline
    v vellum washi tape
    w wood frame or word art
    x x stitches
    y yellow flower
    z zig zag stitching


    • mocamom
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      This is fantastic Tiffany! You didn't even take your freebie!! Love her picture so much and you used this patterned paper beautifully!

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    You made this look so easy... wonderful page Tiffany.


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      What a fun and challenging challenge!!

      d-dark pink flower
      e- Easter flower {calla lily picture}
      g-"grow laughter" tag
      h-"harvest love" tag
      j-journal card
      k-Kim B kits
      m-metal shovel
      n-nine papers
      p-plaid paper
      r-round flower
      x-word ending in "x"
      y-yellow branch
      z-zig zag stitches


      • mocamom
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        Ohhh you definitely put your creative brain to use with this challenge! I love your pops of blue on your page. They really keep the eye traveling throughout the entire page. Great take on this!

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      I always have fun with this challenge. Here's mine:
      D=embossed paper
      G=gold starfish charm
      J=journal cards
      K=Kraft frame
      L=life preserver
      N=navy paper
      O=outline stitching
      R=ribbon bow
      V=vellum pocket
      W=word strip
      X=X stitch (on anchor)
      Y=yellow stripe paper
      Z=zig zag stitch


      • mocamom
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        Donna you make this challenge look so easy. Your page is super cohesive and doesn't look like you tried to fill any requirements. It's just gorgeous all the way around. How do you do that??? Love this my friend!

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      This was tough! But fun! I went through so many kits looking for enough elements to qualify.

      a - Anime club or arrows
      b - Baseball or background paper
      c - colored papers
      d - Detroit / old English letter "D"
      e - eyelet
      f - flowers
      g - green eyelet or girl
      h - hotdogs
      I - ink splatter
      j - jouraling
      k - Kim
      l - leaf
      m - milkcap
      n - Noah
      o - outline
      p - photos
      q - skipped
      r - red paper
      s - squares
      t - tape
      u - under
      v - vellum
      w - wordstrip
      x - Xstitch
      y - yogurt
      z - zigzag stitching


      • mocamom
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        You would never know by looking at your page that you thought it was hard! You did a great job of scrapping so many events on one page! I struggle with this and yet you did it perfectly. Wow! Those square boxes really draw attention to your journaling which is super important in my opinion. Love this!!

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      The layout was easy - finding the things from the alphabet was harder.

      A - Arrow
      B – Brad
      C - Charm
      D - Date
      E – Embossed Paper
      F - Frame
      G – Gas Gauge
      H - Handicapped Plate
      I – Ivory Rectangles
      J - Journaling
      K - Key
      L – Lavender Banner
      M – Many Photos
      N – Navigation
      O - Outline
      P – Protected by Dragons Photo
      Q - Quotation Marks
      R – Rust Banner
      S – Speedometer
      T - Title
      U – Underline
      V - Vehicle
      W – Word Strip
      X – Xoxo Banner
      Y – Yellow Stitches
      Z - Skipped


      • mocamom
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        I apologize for not commenting earlier. I truly thought I had, but it went away into cyperspace somewhere! This layout really spoke to me. Your pictures are amazing and I absolutely fell in love with your journaling. You can see how much his car meant to you and I'm blow away about how you scrapped it here. I love that you used some of the requirements in your journaling too (underline, quotes, etc.) and that by doing this, you actually emphasized parts that should be emphasized in my humble opinion. What I'm trying to say Judy is that I love your page. For Real.