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    Hello! Welcome to this month's HYBRID CHALLENGE!

    For this month's Hybrid Challenge, you will need to choose one of the two "Hybrid How-To" tutorial posts that will appear on The Digital Press' Blog throughout the month of September 2017! Use the projects as inspiration for your own project, and then take a photo of your completed project and post it in the Challenge Gallery here at TDP, as well as linking your image up here in this thread.

    Here's a look at the first Hybrid How-To post from September, which went live today (Sat 9/2)...

    Hybrid How-To | Back to School Bookmarks

    ...and the 2nd post of the month, which went live today (Sat 9/16)...

    Hybrid How-To | Custom Canning Labels

    I'm always in awe of the gorgeous hybrid projects created here at The Digital Press! I can't wait to see what you do with the challenge!

    Here are the rules of the challenge:
    • Your creation must be a hybrid project that is based on ONE of the two "Hybrid How-To" blog posts of your choosing from September 2017 (they are scheduled for 9/2 and 9/16).
    • Your creation must be made using 100% TDP products (other than any physical supplies you need), and must be loaded into the gallery no later than 11:59 pm ET on September 30, 2017.
    • Once you've loaded your project image in the CHALLENGE GALLERY, please leave a comment in this thread and link us back to your project in the gallery.
    • Once you've posted your project here in this thread ... copy the URL to that post and add it to the SEPTEMBER TRACKING THREAD
    • Have some fun!
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    BUMPING THIS THREAD... because the 2nd Hybrid How-To of September 2017 just went live on TDP's blog today (Sat 9/16)!
    ~ Laura ~


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      I really like making bookmarks and loved the article on the blog about them. I like the ideas of using names and elements that the person is interested in!


      • JenniferHignite
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        These are super cute! What a great idea to use elements that a person is interested in at that time! Makes reading more fun when the bookmark goes along with it Thanks for playing along with challenge!!!

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      I did take a different design and attach it to them back to back. I like that.

      Things I learned:

      1. I don't like small bookmarks. I need to make these longer and a bit wider.

      2. I also need to print on glossy cardstock or use the laser printer. The inkjet just sort of dulled out the colors (I had some more designed and they were suppose to be more vibrant, so I just pitched them). Then I can laminate them.

      I'm so glad I have a new way to make bookmarks.


      • JenniferHignite
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        Love these!! A book a day keeps reality away, I definitely need that one Great take on the challenge! Thanks for playing along!!!

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