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    Are you ready to have some fun... be pushed out of your comfort zone ("challenged," if you will?)... and become inspired to scrap layouts and complete projects that you might not otherwise complete?



    We host NINE (9) DIFFERENT CHALLENGES AT THE DIGITAL PRESS EACH MONTH. Some of them are recurring challenges that you'll see every single month... and others will be chosen on a rotational basis by the team members at TDP who host the challenges, so as to keep our challenge offerings fresh, new, fun, and different each and every month!

    • Each month, EVERY CHALLENGE WILL HAVE ITS OWN THREAD here in the forum. We will "sticky" all of each month's challenge threads to the top of "The Crossword Section" here in the forum, so as to make them easy to find.
    • When you complete a challenge, you'll (A) load your project image into the CHALLENGE SECTION OF THE GALLERY... and then (B) post that same project image into the applicable challenge thread (using the links you'll get from the gallery; instructions can be found in each challenge thread's info at the top).
    • You'll also find a MONTHLY CHALLENGE TRACKER THREAD here in the challenge forum, as well. This is where you'll post links to each of your challenge entries. Just follow the instructions in the first post of that month's thread!
    • You will receive ONE (1) POINT for every challenge you complete in a calendar month.
    • Earned points will be worth the following...
      ---3+ points earns you a one-time 20% OFF shopping spree
      ---5+ points earns you a one-time 30% OFF shopping spree
      ---7+ points earns you a one-time 40% OFF shopping spree
      ---9+ points earns you a one-time 40% OFF shopping spree... as well as the next month's TDP shop collab for FREE!

    This is the best part -- you don't have to do anything at all to redeem the points you earn!

    On the first Tuesday of every month, your points will be tallied (based on your post in the MONTHLY CHALLENGE TRACKER THREAD... so keep it updated!) for the previous month's challenges. You will receive an e-mail (sent to the e-mail address you used for your forum account here at TDP) which will contain your challenge discount/prize information. You will have that entire month to use your one-time shopping spree code; each month, your code will expire at 11:59pm PT on the last day of the month in which it was issued.


    Q---How long do I have to complete each challenge?
    A---Unless otherwise noted in a particular challenge thread, you always have until 11:59pm ET on the last day of the month to complete our challenges. So for the month of June, for example, you'd need to have all projects posted in the gallery... linked into each challenge thread... and then linked in the monthly tracker thread, as well... by 11:59pm ET on June 30. Some challenges (such as Speed Scraps, Slow Scraps, Digi-Morph, etc. to name just a few examples) will have separate deadlines that replace the "end-of-month" guideline. Please read each challenge thread's first post for details.

    Q---Do my points accumulate/carry-over from one month to the next?
    A---No. Each new month kicks-off a new round of points, and points do not carry-over. Any points earned in a month will be tallied on the first Tuesday of the following month, and you will receive an e-mail if you qualify for a discounted shopping spree or any other prize.

    Q---Can I combine my earned shopping spree discount with other sales/promotions at TDP?
    A---Any discount coupon codes that you earn will replace other sales in the shop (so you'll want to pick the discount that gives you a better deal... and only apply your discount coupon code from challenges to items that aren't already discounted as heavily as the discount rate you've earned.
    For instance...
    ---If your discount code is worth more than our standard 30% OFF New Release sale... you can apply your code to get a better deal!
    ---Your discount code won't ever be a better deal than our weekly Publisher's Picks sale (which is 50% OFF), so we don't recommend using it on these items.
    ---Similarly, the monthly Special Edition sale is also 50% OFF... so we don't recommend using your code on these items during the first weekend they release, when they are on sale.
    ---You may also always use your discount code on any item in the shop that is set to its regular list price, and your code will give you a great deal!

    Q---To meet the 100% TDP product requirement, what products am I allowed to use?
    A---Each month, you can use any product that is currently for sale at The Digital Press (including products sold at TDP by our guest designers from that same month)... in addition to the following items:
    ..........(a) any freebie and/or retired item by any of our permanent resident designers (you can find the list of our designers in the left-hand sidebar of the SHOP), even if that freebie or retired item wasn't ever for sale at TDP
    ..........(b) any product that was sold at TDP by a guest designer from the previous month (e.g. if we have a guest in January, you may use the products you purchased from her during January AND February, giving you a total of 2 months to use those items for challenges)
    ..........(c) any product that was sold at TDP the previous month by a designer who retired and/or left the store (e.g. if someone retires at the end of January, you may still use her products during February).

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    ~ Laura ~

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    Just a question, the rules state that we must use 100%TDP, does this include anything we have bought at TDP (thinking of retired goodies from existing designers as well as retired designers, like Scotty Girl Designs) or only current stuff for sale in store?


    • Hillary
      Hillary commented
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      For the July 2016 challenges, you may use any product currently for sale at TDP, in addition to the following items:

      any product sold at TDP by our July 2016 guests (Meagan's Creations)
      any product by Scotty Girl Designs
      any retired or freebie product from the TDP resident designers. (You can find the list on the left-hand side of the Shop homepage.)

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    Hello- am trying to post my layout in the Boys Rule Forum thread and am having problems. I have tried copying and pasting the BB/and or HTML gallery code, and also just uploading from my computer and I keep getting "you are not authorized to create or remove attachments" as a response. I post in the multiple galleries just fine, it's just not posting the image in the Forum. Sorry to be so dense- I would really appreciate any instructions- thank you!


    • Laura Passage
      Laura Passage commented
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      Usually when you get that warning message, it's because you're actually trying to upload an image into the thread as an attachment instead of just linkint it up from a remote location. To do the latter -- just do the following: (1) find the image in the gallery, and open the 'large version' if one exists (the link is just under the main image)... (2) right click on the image, and choose the 'copy image address' (in Chrome) or 'copy image location' (Firefox) option from the pop-up menu that appears... (3) come back to the forum, start your post, and just type the following (without spaces... I'm adding spaces so that it doesn't code out and disappear when I post this) -- type: [ I M G ] *paste the link you got from the gallery here* [ / I M G ]

      ...if you do all of that, without any spaces (just one long string of stuff mashed together), it will display your layout here in the forum. Hopefully that will help, if no other method has worked for you!

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    Hello! New to the challenges and forums here: I really want to know if I will be penalized for not using a TDP template? 100% = ALL and I sometimes create LO without templates


    • Laura Passage
      Laura Passage commented
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      Hi there, and welcome!

      The 100% requirement only means that you cannot use products from non-TDP designers in your challenge layouts (so, for instance, you could not use a template designed by someone who isn't a designer here at TDP). It doesn't mean that you are required to use a template, however. You are certainly welcome to create your own page designs! The 100% requirement is in place simply to ensure that all projects created for challenges at TDP use only TDP products (in the areas in which products are used... whether papers, digital embellishments, templates, etc.).

      Hope that helps clear it up!

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    Hello!! In this month of December where there are different everyday challenges, where do I find the Scrap It 2018 template for November??


    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      it is coming soon!