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May 20: Real Love

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  • May 20: Real Love

    If you saw my blog post today, you know your challenge it to scrap real love. Not just the warm, fuzzy everyday, life is grand love. But REAL love. The kind that can be messy. The kind that hurts. The kind you have to fight for. I chose to scrap about my daughters relationship with each other. My oldest has always not liked her youngest sister. It has been a battle to remind them and fight for their friendship. To the point I would yell at them that they were best friends, now act like it! Yeah. That happened. Me yelling to be best friends. :D But I fought for them. I fought for real love. Here is the layout I made about it:

    So let's see your real love pages. They can be happy, sad, messy or whatever. Real love has many faces.

    The Rules:
    1. Pages must be created using 100% TDP Products and loaded in the gallery no later than midnight EST on May 31, 2015.
    2. Please link your gallery listing in this thread
    3. Link your comment in this thread in the monthly tracking thread, which you can find here: May Tracking Thread
    4. Have fun!!!

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    Such a powerful and meaningful idea for a layout. Definitely feels this way in regards to marriage. If it is real love then its worth the real, hard work it takes to get it going strong.


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      Here is a real love page from me. Digging in a different mine... Thanks for the challenge.


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        This is the second child of a dear friend of mine who went through miscarriages with me a while back. It has struck me that I can love her two gorgeous kiddos even though I have never met either one (been overseas since they were born). But I do, almost as much as I love my own.

        created using gorgeous goodies from creashens


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            Great inspiration!! Here's mine about my brother.


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              I decided to scrap about my love for my older daughter, who has always been an emotional tornado of a little person.


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