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April 3: Flourish in your photography

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  • April 3: Flourish in your photography

    Everyone is at a different skill level when it comes to taking photos, but no matter how many skills we posses, we always strive for more. More knowledge, more inspiration, more mojo to try something new. Here’s that little push you didn’t even know you were waiting for. It’s time do some spring cleaning…of the mind. Get out of the darkness of winter and into the spring light. Grab your camera and try something new. Try that technique or skill you’ve been meaning to try for months now, or look up something new. Either way, it’s springtime and that means a fresh look at things. It’s time to really flourish in your photography.
    I’ve been meaning to try to make an enchanted book photo, and this is the perfect time to give me a push. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, not only your photos, but how you scrap them as well.
    Having trouble thinking of something? Here are a few ideas to get started, but don’t feel limited to this list- anything goes.
    • Shoot at a wide aperture
    • Capture motion
    • Shoot a macro shot
    • Try a new editing style
    • Change your perspective or frame of reference

    Now for the rules:
    • Scrap a page using a photo that you’ve taken with a new-to-you photo skill.
    • Pages must be created using 100% TDP Products and loaded in the gallery no later than midnight EST on April 30, 2015.
    • Leave a Comment in this thread with your gallery image/link.
    • Link your Comment in this thread in your spot in the Monthly Challenge Tracker Thread. You can find it here: April’s Tracking Thread.
    04.02.15-Enchanted-book by farrahj, on Flickr

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    I was playing around with my focus for this challenge- I love my bleeding hearts- they are the first to come up in the spring & since I planted them last year (the joys of new construction = all new landscaping), it's so nice to see things come back to life! After adjusting my camera settings a bit (I just use my phone) I was able to get a sharp focus on the flowers with the background nice & blurred. Thanks for the fun challenge Farrah!


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      I've been focusing on the compositional techniques of lines and framing lately. There are a couple examples of each in my layout.

      My Website


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        I've been meaning to take a long exposure of the river nearby my home for a long time, but despite using a ND filter I haven't managed to get a correct one by day. I took one by night, though, which is MUCH easier!


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          I have been wanting to do a book about me - just random things for the kids to remember about me. The trick here is to get photos that are just about me and not the family, so I combined this idea with another and here is my page.

          created using gorgeous goodies from creashens


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            I tried Farrah, I really did, This is a clump of seaweed, or some sort of sea grass . the photo is taken at very low tide.I do enjoy trying something different. My hubby said I should have waited for a fish to swim by, to get the proper water effect , .... next time LOL