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April 1: Scrap a Page That You've Put Off For a While

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  • April 1: Scrap a Page That You've Put Off For a While

    Today on the blog I shared my Thoughts on Being Caught Up. Even if we have a healthy scrapping philosophy that is guilt free, there are always times when we get behind or have to put an idea on the back burner for a while.

    This month I am challenging you to scrap some subject matter that you've put off for a while. It could be a holiday page from last year. Maybe it is an everyday photo that you love and want to scrap, but other priorities have gotten in the way. It could be a story from your childhood that you've always wanted to record, but have just never gotten around to it. It could even be a new technique that you've been meaning to try for the last few months. ANYTHING that you've put off for a while but still keeps creeping back into your mind.

    I myself have been dipping into my "Things To Scrap" folder to finish up my 2014 book and get it printed. Here is one of the pages I scrapped, with photos my husband took last spring.

    Now, one more time with the fine print/rules:
    • Scrap a page with subject matter that you've put off for a while (photos, stories or even a technique)
    • Pages must be created using 100% TDP Products and loaded in the gallery no later than midnight EST on April 30, 2015.
    • Leave a Comment in this thread with your gallery image/link.
    • Link your Comment in this thread in your spot in the Monthly Challenge Tracker Thread. You can find it here: April Tracking Thread
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    My daughter's birthday from 2 years ago.


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      My Website


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        OMG - I could fill a book with these. The Past 6 months I am working on doing pages from as far back as 2005, to catch up on all the loose ends. I feel like I have made progress, and I really liked your idea of alternating new and Old, I think that is one reason I am still going.

        This one is from a family vacation we took years ago - and I scrapped the vacation but I did not ever scrap this part of it - a little date hubby and I took while there, I have been wanting to, just never got around to it - but Mari's kit was perfect, so here you go!

        created using gorgeous goodies from creashens


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          I've had this picture sitting on my desk top to scrap for so long... Thanks for the challenge to get it done!


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            When I first starting scrapping I knew I could never go back and do all of my families past Christmases. So I made an ABCs of Christmas album using photos from any Christmas, regardless of year. A was for angel, B for bears, C for cookie... you get the idea. I was able to scrap so many Christmas photos that it really made me happy. (A fave page: U for underwear, come on, you know somebody ALWAYS gets some for Christmas!!)


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              Fabulous idea!

            • Tiff
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              I agree that is a fantastic idea! You made a new holiday album and were able to scrap all those holidays without being tied to the rest of the year. And if you didn't scrap EVERY single thing, you still had a complete album to be proud of. I'll think about how I could incorporate this kind of idea into my own scrapping.

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            I've been putting off scrapping pages with the family photos we had taken last November. I was so frustrated that I'd paid someone - one of my husband's coworkers who is trying to grow her photography business - to take them and they were .... awful. The lighting was terrible....deep shadows and washed out whites. In so many of them we're squinting as we look toward the sun, and in the best photos, ones I'd so love to use, the sun angle makes my husband's thin-on-top hair look nonexistent (which is so weird because he's not bald). I've tweaked every single picture, and still don't think they're worth printing. Sigh.

            So anyhow, this very, very aggressively Photoshopped photo is as close to a favorite as I have from that ill-fated photo shoot:


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              Here is a layout I have been wanting to create, since I finished taking ALL of the photos last year. I finally set aside some time to play and absolutely LOVE the results!


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                I scanned this and other old photos in quite a while ago, and it has been sitting there waiting for me to "do something" ever since, thanks for the challenge ,


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                  I am still plugging along with our Santa Cruz vacation album from 2012 and I got an old kit from Mommyish called Seaside to finish these SIX!! beach pages.

                  Here is a few


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                    Catching up on my 2014 PL before the voucher for my photobook expires! Second double spread for october.