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  • Laura Passage
    started a topic 5TH BIRTHDAY GAME | FIVE THINGS


    Hi Everyone!

    Here's hoping everyone has been having fun this weekend here at The Digital Press, helping us celebrate our 5th Birthday!

    We have a few more games/challenges for you today, and I'm here to bring you the FIVE THINGS game! This game is super easy (and fun! )... because all you have to do to participate is leave a list of "5 things" here in this thread. Each person will answer the question in the thread above them... and then leave their own "5 things" list request for the next person. You can participate once, twice... or as often as you like... and anyone who participates in the game between now and the end of Wed 12/4 (11:59pm ET) will earn a chance to win a random drawing for $5 to spend in my shop at TDP!

    That's it! So easy!

    Because I'm starting the game, I'll add my own list of 5 things... being... "5 favorite rides at Disneyland"...
    1. Thunder Mountain
    2. Indiana Jones
    3. Toy Story Midway Mania (yes, I'm including the rides found at California Adventure, too... because it's sorta 1 big park & they're my faves! This one might even be my overall #1...)
    4. Radiator Springs Racers
    5. Goofy's Sky School (? maybe ? hmm)
    ...and now, I'd like the next person to tell us 5 things you can find in your purse right now!


  • sharonb
    carrotts, apples, oranges, banana, cucumber (low fat diet)
    name 5 bad habits you have

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  • CathQuillScrap
    1. eating chocolate by myself
    2. able to finish a scrap layout in one sitting
    3. Falling asleep in a flash (especially on a hot afternoon)
    4. Give great hugs (ask my son!)
    5. I can sing - not very well but I do make a joyful noise in church! hehehe

    Next 5: what 5 foods do you eat every day

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  • Sheriscraps
    1. Grey's Anatomy
    2. American Idol
    3. CSI
    4. World of Dance
    5. Rookie

    Next 5: Secret talents you have! (you can exaggerate a bit if you need to. LOL)

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  • sharonb
    1. Go bungie jumping
    2. Go kayaking in my brother's favorite spot in SC (he passed this year)
    3. Visit Germany
    4. Go to another Sandals resort.
    5.Visit Canada

    Tell me 5 TV shows you like to watch

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  • CathQuillScrap
    Difficult things I've done:
    1. Get a job - after months of interview after interview it eventually happened
    2. Learn how to program in visual basic (did the course then gave up!)
    3. Learn to digi scrap - still learning, some techniques take tooooo much brain power
    4. Bite my tongue - there are days when i wish I could just scream and shout but I need to watch my words.
    5. Handle a prem baby (who is now 18!) and a husband having a nervous breakdown at the same time and remaining sane - yes I did survive.

    Okay guess you know more about me know than lots of people do... hehehehee.

    So next - tell me 5 things that are one your bucket list.

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  • sharonb
    I would like to visit:
    1. Australia
    2. Great Britan
    3. Spain
    4. Costa Rica
    5. Sweden

    Next 5: What are 5 most difficult things you have done?

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  • caliten
    1. Staples (or stitches or other fasteners, ‘cause I can’t handle things just randomly hovering on my pages)
    2. Paint or a splatter of some sort
    3. Tag(s)
    4. Button(s) or brad(s)
    5. A small flower or two

    Next 5: places outside of your current country of residence that you’d like to visit?

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  • mocamom
    I'll play!

    1. Birthing 4 kids
    2. Homeschooling those 4 kids
    3. Homeschooling those 4 kids without bloodshed
    4. Launching 3 of the 4 kids without bloodshed
    5. Being sane after launching 3 of the 4 kids and continuing to homeschool the last kid.

    Next 5: What are your "go to" elements to put on most of your layouts?

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  • Sheriscraps
    Five things I want to do (from the previous post):
    1. Go to Paris
    2. Organize my photos. (falling off my chair but want to do!)
    3. Edit videos of my kids!!!
    4. Create a scrapbook for my youngest child
    5. Run a marathon or something I can complete!

    Next 5: What are you most proud of doing?

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  • corrin
    1. car keys
    2. lip balm
    3. my notepad of "how to" (I'm learning a new role)
    4. lip stick
    5. all the patience I can muster

    5 things you want to do (but haven't done yet) ...

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  • CathQuillScrap
    Welll firstly I would have to find my purse as it's usually nowhere near me... hehehe! But this is what's in it at the moment:
    1. Wallet
    2. Lipice (lipbalm)
    3. Tissues
    4. Pen
    5. Notebook

    5 thinks you take to work each day

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