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11/29 | Birthday Game!

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  • 11/29 | Birthday Game!

    Let's play the birthday game!

    Everyone posts their birthday then searches for someone who has the same birthday (even year if you really want!)

    We have a large group here- I'm wondering if any of us have the same birthdays?

    I'll go first! My birthday is December 1st, 1980 (I KNOW!!! JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY until I'm 35!)

    People born on 12/1-

    Woody Allen (obviously not 1980!)
    Sarah Silverman
    Vance Joy (LOVE his music!)

    Your turn! What's your birthday & who do you share it with?
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    August 1, 35 years after Jerry Garcia (from the Grateful Dead), and we were even born in the same state (California).


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      October 31st, like Christopher Columbus (LOL), Peter Jackson (the director of LOTR), Lorena Bobbitt (yeah, I recognise our nice Scorpio personality there! LOL), Bud Spencer and Vanilla Ice. Well, that's quite... diverse! LMAO!


      • AmieN1
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        LMAO- Yes quite the group!

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      I was born on November 22, 1971. Others who share my birthday include Jamie Lee Curtis (1958), Terry Gilliam (1940, Monty Python writer), and over 50 others (wow!). I have a friend who shares my birthday too!

      I love that my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. I dislike that it's also the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death.

      Happy birthday soon Amie!

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      • AmieN1
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        Thanks Michele! Happy Late birthday to you! :D

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      I was born on October 23rd, same as Johnny Carson, but I am much funnier.


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        March 26th

        - Diana Ross
        - Keira Knightley
        - Steven Tyler
        - Jennifer Grey


        • michelepixels
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          You have my great grandmother's birthday, and the day after my mom and a couple of friends.

        • AmieN1
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          My mom's birthday is the 26th as well! We have a total of 5 March birthday in just my immediate family!

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        March 4, 1988. Living in Vietnam, Asia. Really want to know if there're many Asian girls here

        I found a classmate in the university with the exact birthday like me and this is the only person I've known born in this day. Never thinking about google it!

        Wow the result makes me so exciting!
        We have:
        -Brooklyn Beckham
        -Josh Bowman (I'm a fan of Revenge series!)


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          October 21st ...

          same as (but older than)
          Carrie Fisher (Star Wars)
          Ken Watanabe (Last Samurai)
          Kim Kardashian West


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            HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIE!! At least here in Asia it's December 1st!!!


            • AmieN1
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              Awe Thanks!