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11/29 | Birthday Celebration Game! Worst/Best gift ever!

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  • 11/29 | Birthday Celebration Game! Worst/Best gift ever!

    Hello and welcome to our First Birthday Celebration!
    Today's game is quite simple... Since I'm a bit nosy, I'd really like to know about your worst AND best birthday presents/surprises ever.
    Do you always get the same thing? Are you constantly surprised by your presents? Let us know!
    To get you started, I'll tell you the worst gift I ever got. I still shudder when I think about it, ughhh. Not to brag or anything, but I got a used, dirty blouse (deodorant stains and all ewww) from my MIL. Fantastic.
    The best gift was our own piece of land at my dad's ranch so we can start building a house, yay!
    Now it's your turn, tell us everything, from the cringe-worthy to the amazing to everything in between!
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    Worst 2 pictures of veteran cars, I mean why???
    There a a few bests, but the funniest was an anti anger basket from my Bf. Containing many small gifts,among them a rock and roll CD. A phone a friend message, and a suggestion to take a walk. I had been letting things get to me, and this helped and made me laugh.


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      Worst... A negative pregnancy test (well, 2 days after my actual birthday, but still pretty crappy!)
      Best... There are many great ones, but my BFF's son sending me a drawing where he wrote"I love you" (spelling mistakes included: he wrot "je tém" rather than "je t'aime"... CUUUTE!) a couple years ago was very sweet!


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        I remember turning 16 and thinking "okay, this will finally be the year that my parents cave and let me have my own telephone in my bedroom" and instead they gave me American Girl doll furniture. I was crushed and mad; doll furniture for one's sixteenth birthday? Worst gift ever.

        Best? Surprise party my husband threw for me one year.


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          Worst gift for my birthday? It's a tie for all the years that my parents forgot it was my birthday and didn't get me anything. (They were good parents, but all our family birthdays were in March and April, except mine. It was in October and everyone tended to forget it.)

          Best gift I hope will be the one I give myself this year when I turn 50. I am planning my first vacation in over ten years and I am going to do it up right. I'm thinking Hawaii 5-0!