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Geometry: Part II - Whitespace

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  • Geometry: Part II - Whitespace


    Hello friendly scrapbookers and welcome to the final lesson of TDP's Summer School! We hope you've enjoyed your classes as much as we've enjoyed seeing what you've created from each lesson. Now let's focus on today's lesson.

    Whitespace, those empty areas on our layouts, never get enough credit. For without whitespace, our layout colors could never pop, our photos would drown in a sea of endless pattern and texture and we simply could not find an area to rest our weary eyes. Thus whitespace will always be an important aspect of our page design.

    Two Kinds of Whitespace

    There are three kinds of whitespace: Passive, Active & Trapped space. And it helps be mindful of ALL THREE kinds of whitespace to build eye-catching, balanced layouts. Let's dive right in together, shall we?


    Your homework assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to make a layout strongly focused on either Passive or Active whitespace. Show me what you got!

    Special Offers

    ----- TIFFANY -----

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    I changed an older layout to make the passive whitespace.


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      I used active white space to help create a partial frame around the subject photo and embellishments.

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