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    Hello again, and welcome to our final edition of MESS HALL for TDP's SUMMER CAMP 2018 -- because it's finally WEEK #4!

    As you know... at Summer Camp, MESS HALL is where you go to eat. And with that in mind, each week we've been posting one full meal (main dish, side dish, and dessert--or sometimes a drink!). To earn a badge for each week... you've simply needed to try at least ONE of the THREE recipes we share each week, and then you need to post a photo of the result here in the thread for that week's MESS HALL challenge!

    Here's a sneak peek at this week's menu (to see it all, including the recipes, click through and you'll find it on the blog!)...


    Rules for this week's MESS HALL challenge:
    ---Try making at least ONE of the THREE recipes featured in the blog post linked up above
    ---Start a post in this thread, and post a photo of the result of your cooking adventure (you should use a photo sharing site/service -- not the TDP gallery -- to host your image)
    ---To receive credit toward your MESS HALL badge for WEEK #4, your photo will need to be posted in this thread by 11:59pm PT on Saturday 7/28.
    ---Have fun, and ENJOY!

    ~ Laura ~

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    That was tasty.


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      Glad you liked it! Yours look perfectly grilled!

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    This was yummy!!!!!


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      I will definitely add more veggies next time around too! Great idea and page to showcase!

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    Potato Herbs Cake by Michelle Pelkey, on Flickr
    Lemon Chicken Skewers & Potato Herbs Cake by Michelle Pelkey, on Flickr

    More yummy recipes! It's been fun to try them--we love to try new things!


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      Thanks for the great recipes. Here's mine:


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        I made the chicken! I went to put it on skewers... only to find my daughters had crafted them all.. so I just cooked them in a pan. I didn't include onions as they aren't our families favourite!

        They were so tasty! I mixed the extra juices into the rice I made on the side. So good!

        [IMG]20180725_181844 by Becky Hart, on Flickr[/IMG]


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          As I came down with pneumonia this week my sweet husband made the kebabs for me! Aren't I a lucky woman?
          [img]2018-07-27 19.45.11[/img]

          First Observe ~ Then Serve


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            Scrumptious Skewers or as we call them kebabs!
            I used oil, lemon juice and soy sauce in my marinade. Then substituted mixed Italian herbs as garnish.


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              We are just getting started
              💎⭐🌹🌑❤️ Gallery | Instagram


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                I tried the Potato and Herb Cake. I was delicious but I think I will add salt, pepper and onions next time.

                20180728_200329 by krazykazy, on Flickr
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                  I cooked up the Lemon Chicken Skewers in a frying pan because at 102 degrees, I was not willing to stand at the BBQ. But, my family was so hungry, I totally forgot to take any pictures of the food before we are it. But, I do have a picture of the frying pan & you can see the herbs in it. Would that count as my Mess Hall meal?

                  I made it with lime juice rather than lemon since my son used up all the lemon juice for lemonade. We loved the chicken & the potatoes.

                  I didn't make the Vanilla Panna Cotta yet, I need to make it in the morning so I don't have to stand over the stove.

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