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    Welcome to Week #4 of Summer camp, this is the final week of summer camp 2018, and I hope you have had a great time playing along with all the games, chats and challenges. I'm also hoping you have got enough energy and enthusiasm for this last arts & crafts challenge, which might be the trickiest one yet!

    The arts & crafts challenges each week have challenged you to choose from the past and current tuorials that have been posted on the blog, and use the techniques taught in your page or project. To make it easy to browse all of the many tutorials that can be found on The Digital Press's blog, the entire collection of tutorials is cataloged on our TDP Pinterest board for tutorials FOUND HERE. There are so many to choose from, and they cover all sorts of different topics, with new techniques and tips for us to try, all simple explained step by step for us to follow.

    Each week the arts & crafts challenge has got a little trickier, requiring you to use first one, then two, then three of the tutorials for your page or project, -- and yep, you guessed it, this week, WEEK #4, you need to use 4 (four) different tutorials from the TDP blog, for your page or project! Not all of them need to be tutorials you have never used before, sometimes we have tried a new skill and need to practise it a little! So please use one tutorial you have never used before but you can mix it with whichever tutorials you think will help you with your page. At first I thought that sounded like such a big stretch, but browsing the tutorials board helped me see that it is totally do-able, and here are a few combinations of tutorials that I think would work well together, just to give you an idea.

    Using composition to improve your pages - The Field Blur Technique - Creating a Cut-out - Writing Text around a Circle - Getting Creative with Alphas

    Get Yourself in to your Photos - Playing with Color - Highlighting a Photo using Strokes - Journaling Techniques - Custom Journal Strips

    Listen to your Inner Artist - Frame It Up - How to use Alpha Sheets - Combining Fonts - Add Video to your Memory Keeping

    So, like all good camp counsellors, I'm not asking you to do anything I haven't already done myself, and in browsing the tutorials available, I out-did myself and used 5 tutorials! Yay, go me! These are the tutorials I chose:
    1) Brightening Dark or Dull Photos *I have used actions on my photos before, but never this technique, until now!
    2) Selecting a Background (I usually use a white background!)
    3) Tips to easily Recolor Elements (there was no little yellow flower in the kit) *I have never used this tutorial before
    4) Blending Text (the word SHARK in my title) *I have never used this tutorial before either!
    5) Titles Matter (I often leave my page without a title, but recently have been making more of an effort to include them)
    and here is my page...

    (I used Dawn by Designs's Bite Me Bundle and All Laid Out Vol 1 Template)

    CTM Robin (mocamom) also had a go at this challenge, she used these TDP tuorials
    1) Multiple Photos Layout (10 photos on ONE page!)
    2) Scrapping Imperfect Photos (she chose to scrap them really small to negate some of the graininess!)
    3) Pin It (her first time of attempting to make the pin look realistic!)
    4) Lengthen Your Elements (she cut apart the word strip into four pieces and had to extend the ends of each one of them!)

    and she made this page

    (made using Under An African Sky by KimB & flipping a template from About (Family & Home) by Anita Designs)

    Isn't it good! Can you see how she applied each of the tutorials?

    And now it is over to you!! Robin and I will be cheering you on, and looking forward to seeing which tutorials will inspire you! Can't wait to see your pages

    Just to make sure I have explained it well,

    Here are the rules of this challenge:
    1. Create an original layout or project using FOUR of the tutorial posts found on TDP's blog (linked above) using 100% TDP products. Use one tutorial that you haven’t used before!
    2. Post your layout by 11:59pm PT on Saturday 7/28/2018 in the
    3. Start a post, below, in which you can link us up to your layout from the gallery... and also link us to the tutorials you used to complete your layout or project. Please list and link the tuorials for us as I have done above.
    4. Don't forget to track your badges for SUMMER CAMP! If you need more information on how to do this, see HERE.
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    4 tutorials ! ok, I will check the board and make my choice


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      I started this week with while not the hardest activity, the one that takes the most concentration (to learn new tasks).

      Started with trying to do this tutorial: http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutorial-tuesday-lenghten-your-elements/ but couldn't get it to work. I am not sure if that is a me issue or if it is a PSE18 issue as I know that some of the short cuts (like alt+G) don't work anymore).
      So instead I went with the following (
      The 1st two being new to me)


      • kimkern72
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        Shannon I am sure it was, it was a great show! Hope you enjoyed it.

      • Hillary
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        kimkern72 Try using (ctrl+alt+g) instead of (alt+g).
        Last edited by Hillary; 07-23-2018, 09:41 PM. Reason: I typed the wrong thing.

      • corrin
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        I'm sorry that the tutorial didn't work out for you, and hope that hillary's tip will do the trick! It looks like you had a great night out, and I always find multiple photo paes triccky, but your looks great!

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      TDP Summer Camp Week 4

      I have used the following tutorials
      Realistic Ribbon Wrap April 17 2018 http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...rap-technique/
      Combining Patterned Papers Oct 31 2017 http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...terned-papers/
      Frame it up Nov 14 2017 http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...y-frame-it-up/
      Highlighting a photo using strokes Jan 16 2018 http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...using-strokes/


      • corrin
        corrin commented
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        I love your simple page designs, and I hope you enjoyed using the tutorials - which ones were new to you? They all worked perfectly here, so I can't tell!! lol!

      • nanascrapper
        nanascrapper commented
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        Hi Corrin. Thanks for your feedback. The tutorial that was new to me was the ribbon wrapping. I have not used the dodge and burn tool that much and certainly not for this particular use. It is a very subtle difference and I also duplicated my shadow to warp it so that it came in towards the edge and was pleased with the finished look. It will take a little more practise but shall be keen to use the technique again.

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      As challenging as the Arts & Crafts challenges have been, I have enjoyed the push to try so many of the tutorials. I read them over the course of the year thinking, "That's a cool idea. I need to try that!" Yet, I never quite get to it. Thanks for forcing me to "get to it"! For my page I used the following tutorials:
      Custom Journal Strips http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...ournal-strips/
      Getting Creative with Alphas http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...e-with-alphas/
      Highlight a Photo Using Strokes http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...using-strokes/
      Using Digital Cut Files http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...tal-cut-files/
      Here is my page:


      • corrin
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        what a great combination of tutorials! I am glad that this challenge gave you the push you needed to try some out, and hope they will be tips you use frequently!

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      lorieh I completely agree with you! I used these techniques and have a couple more I want to try - great tutorials!

      1. stroke around a photo http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...using-strokes/
      2. combining pattern papers http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...terned-papers/
      3. Brighting a dark photo (their faces were totally dark!) http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...r-dull-photos/
      4. text around a circle http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...ound-a-circle/ - I work in PSE and mine was slightly different but I played around and finally got it figured out!


      • corrin
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        that stroke around a photo is a popular one this week, and no wonder - it looks so good! I am glad you were able to figure out the text around a circle, I think it is a great little trick, and your paper circles are so sweet, echoing the background paper under your photo!

      • kaphelps
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        thank you! corrin

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      Here's mine. I used the these tutorials, Creating a Stamped Title, Realistic Ribbon Wrap ( Never used before), Playing with Pocket Templates.
      And Creating a Cut Out.

      Last edited by jang; 07-25-2018, 03:19 PM.


      • corrin
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        beautiful page Jan. I love that title, thanks for joining in
        Last edited by corrin; 07-29-2018, 04:50 PM.

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      Page 1

      Page 2

      Template: WWC _EverydayLifeVol2_02.2 (modified)

      Kits Used: Get Outdoors by Rachel Etrog Designs

      Journal Cards Used: Under An African Sky by KB Designs

      Wood Alpha from Happy Days Dawn by Design

      Fonts: Morning Dew, Athelas, Bebas Neue

      Tutorials Used:
      1. Selecting a Background - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...-a-background/ (I changed the huge and saturation of the paper to better fit with the colors in the layout.)
      2. Lengthen Your Elements - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...your-elements/ (The go outside and enjoy paper strip was extended on the right side to fit under the flower.)
      3. Creating a Cut-Out - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...your-elements/ (Cut out the Henry Doorly and added a pattern paper. Cut out a solid green journal card and added the 2nd below.)
      4. Realistic Ribbon Wrap Technique - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...rap-technique/
      5. Custom Journal Strips - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...ournal-strips/ (Rated Strip.)
      6. Writing Text around a Circle - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...ound-a-circle/
      7. Playing with Pocket Templates - http://www.thedigitalpress.co/playin...ket-templates/ (shrunk the pocket template to around 80% and used the space outside the original template.)
      Thanks for looking!
      Last edited by lauriezyskind; 07-25-2018, 06:30 PM.


      • corrin
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        love it Laurie! You used so many different tutorials, I hope you enjoyed giving all of them a try

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      Kit used: KimB "Under an African Sky"

      Tutorials used:
      1. Creating a Cut Out- tutorial-tuesday-creating-a-cut-out
      2. Blend Modes- tutorial-tuesday-blend-modes
      3. Blending Text- tutorial-tuesday-blending-text
      4. Combining Fonts-tutorial-tuesday-combining-fonts
      Last edited by Mickeyap1; 07-25-2018, 11:37 PM.


      • corrin
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        Beautiful blending Michelle, and I love the cut outs too!

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      Here is mine. tutorials used- Highlighting a Photo Using Strokes, Tips to Easily Recolor Elements, Custom-Made Journal Cards, Writing Text Around a Circle



      • corrin
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        congratulations Grandma!! That is exciting news, and I love your sweet page

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      Frame it up: stacked frames.
      How to use Alpha Sheets
      Field Blur Technique
      Custom Made Journal Cards


      • corrin
        corrin commented
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        that is a beautiful home, and I can see each of the tutorials you used in action, hope you had fun playing along!

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      Here's mine!

      Tutorials Used:
      1. www.thedigitalpress.co/tutorial-tuesday-multiple-photo-layouts/
      (used previously)
      2. http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...terned-papers/
      (not used before)
      3. http://www.thedigitalpress.co/tutori...-a-background/
      (not used before) - I normally do a white background with this type of layout, so I challenged myself to find a solid paper that would work well with the photos.
      (not used before)- I really like this tutorial. I never thought about making the boxes to fit the test, I always did it the other way around and this was so much easier!


      • corrin
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        I;m glad you were able to try so many new tutorials, and that you found a new way to do something that is easier! Your page looks great too!

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      Well, let me tell you: I had so much fun with this page. First off, I .LOVE. the picture, and then when I saw this kit, angels sang and sunlight beamed directly on me, and all was well and good in my world.

      So, here's what I used:

      Transforming Templates - the original was oriented horizontally about a third of the way down the page. I rotated it 90 degrees and then shifted it left, then used a big photo as the primary background.
      Using Color Casts on Photos - believe it or not, I've never actually done this before! It took some tweaking, but I finally ended up going with a white gradient.
      Blend Modes - I use blend modes on many of my pages, but this was the first time I'd used it in combination with a gradient layer (not part of the tutorial). I had to get creative because to get the photo the way I wanted it, it didn't fill the page, so to get the final effect (see the little suns from that white paper showing through near his right shoulder, and the kind of brushed edge under the hexagons?) including hiding the dude and his kid in the background, there are actually 7 different layers - including three photo layers and a painty-mask layer- with different blend modes applied.
      Custom Shaped Text Boxes - another new one for me! What little journaling there is really is in the shape of a hexagon, and I did use the first method corrin described in her tutorial.
      Add Your Handwriting to Digital Layouts - just one word in my own handwriting (Eirias), but I love this technique!!

      and for reference, here's the original photo:
      Last edited by caliten; 07-27-2018, 12:28 PM.


      • corrin
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        lol that is a brilliant picture, and looks fabulous so big and bright! And seven layers for the correct blend - that is devotion!

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      I used the following tutorials:

      Last edited by corrin; 07-29-2018, 05:15 PM. Reason: just linking you up to the gallery!

      First Observe ~ Then Serve


      • corrin
        corrin commented
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        eaugh, I am so glad I am not in his Kevin's last area! But I love the bold green background paper, and the simple elements look perfect on it

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      tutorials used:

      Tutorial Tuesday | Transforming Templates
      Realistic Washi Tape
      Tutorial Tuesday | Getting Creative with Alphas
      Tutorial Tuesday | Realistic Ribbon Wrap Technique


      • corrin
        corrin commented
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        such a fun, bright and happy page! I love the cut out alpha to go with the cut out triangles, and hope you had fun trying out some new tutorials

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