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  • Talk to me about Traveler's Notebooks

    I have done Project Life since 2012. I really hate to quit but I feel like a need a new format. My kids are getting older (15,15,11) and their activities are starting to be fewer. I'm struggling to get enough weekly photos to continue. I have done monthly layouts one year and have considered going back to that.

    Can somebody please talk to me about the concept of a Traveler's Notebook?! Are they just tiny scrapbook pages? Do you print them in a 3x8 bound book? Is it hard to find somewhere to print them? Are they hard to see the photos when they are printed? Somebody clue me in this please!

    Any inspiration for 2020 Project Life is welcomed!


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    I did a weekly double 12x12 for a couple of years too. Then the children grew older and hated having photos taken so I evolved to a monthly overview with a double page for events: birthdays, valentine's day etc and I love that.
    I don't really understand the whole TN hype. The photos are so much smaller than I like to work with, I think it is cheaper and easier to do instantly if you print smaller format photos or papers at home, so there is some instant gratification in that.
    I can just foresee me ending up with a myriad of smaller books instead of scrapbook albums or photo books.
    If you do it as a creative outlet and that's enough for you then embrace it.
    If you want the completed albums than maybe TN format isn't for you.
    I would love to hear from someone that thinks they are awesome and can really sell the concept to me/us.


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      Appreciate your input Stef. I feel the same way which is why I was inquiring!


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        I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't figure out how to use them! I think I'm going to switch to what Stefanie does for my older kids. Thanks for spelling it out like that. It really helped me wrap my mind around how to scrap for them!



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          I love the idea of them, I keep all sorts of ticket stubs and bits of wrapping paper and ribbons, notes my kids wirite - and all that kind of stuff is great for a TN, but I have to confess, although I have a couple of blank ones, I have not yet "got around to it!". I keep thinking I will, but I just haven't! I worry about similar things, the photos being too small and how time consuming they might be to have the idea, print things out and cut them up and stick them in. I have suggested them to my teen/tween as something they might like to try, and they like the idea, but like me, haven't actually tried DOING it yet.

          I have a feeling that I would enjoy them as event notebooks (big days out or special occasions), but I also do a family yearbook (one double spread a month, and extra for holidays or birthdays etc as needed). I think the TN will always be in addition to, not instead of, something like that.


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            I so want to use them in a digital manner. I started an art journal project in TN format, and will consider printing via blurb, but I have not yet done so!
            I asked this question in one of my scrapping groups, and was pointed to this website. I hope it is ok to link- this is one of the best examples of a printed book that I've seen so far. It's a blurb trade book review. Life Stories Jan-Jun. Again, I dream of doing something beautiful like this, but I'm not sure I have it in me, lol!
            My PL material has decreased, so I need to switch up my methods a bit for sure!

            I don't have a desire to use them as a paperscrapping method, but I'm doing noom right now, and I use a TN to keep my thoughts on paper. Sometimes I jazz the pages up with stickers or washi, but mostly it is just a brain dump.