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Deleting a layout and re submitting an amended one.

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  • Deleting a layout and re submitting an amended one.

    I submitted a layout, then immediately realized I needed to change something. I deleted the whole reply, but when I came back to submit again I find that my original layout comes up not the new one that I chose??? Can anyone help out here please?

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    If you go to the layout in the gallery, there’s an option to “Edit Photo” in the lower right part of the screen, below where you find the BBCode link. Click on that, and in the next screen you have the option to select a new file to upload, change the title, change the remarks, or delete the entire submission.

    if you put your layout in multiple galleries, say Challenges, and Special Ediion, you have to edit the main version of the layout (whichever gallery you picked first when you initially uploaded the layout) to have it apply the same changes to all versions. If you edit one of the child pages, changes will not be applied to all of the versions.
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      Hi Caliten. Thanks for your input. I did do that I believe. I don't have a problem editing descriptions, it's just the photos. With one layout namely 1-12 challenge, as there had already been a comment made I just wanted to change the photo, not delete the feedback, but this just wouldn't work., hence I posted the amended layout as well in my forum post reply. Rather frustrating...but I will just have to be super conscious in future, to make sure I post the right layout to avoid this issue.