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first time printing LOs in AGES!

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  • first time printing LOs in AGES!

    Hi everyone! I have tons of layouts I need to print, and I haven't printed anything in years (like, 6 maybe??)
    • I've always thought about switching to 8x8 pages, does anyone print 8x8? I saved them all as 12x12 - if I print them as 8x8 will they be blurry (I dont' want to have to go in and re-open and save them all again).
    • when are the best sales? and where do you print? Just want to know what to keep a eye out for so I can get a good deal (I have about 150 pages to print!)
    thanks all!

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    I've always thought about printing smaller....


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      I scrap as 12x12 too, and I switched to printing 8x8's a few years ago. I love the smaller size because they seem more manageable than a 12x12.
      As for them being blurry, you should only have to worry about blurriness if you were to print larger than what you are scrapping.

      I always always print single pages at Persnickety Prints. They are amazing and so fast! If I am printing a book, I typically go through Shutterfly and I wait until I have a free code and they are doing their unlimited pages sale.


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        Thanks Hillary ! I just uploaded everything to persnickety prints. $.99! not bad even without a sale!


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          I use persnickety too for single pages- but I can't quite get myself to convert from 12x12 yet!


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            Originally posted by AmieN1 View Post
            I use persnickety too for single pages- but I can't quite get myself to convert from 12x12 yet!
            i know the feeling - especially since I don't scrap chronologically. but the 12x12s just feel so big! I've finally resigned myself that I'm just going to switch over! I haven't placed my print order because I NEED TO PRINT PHOTOS to go in the frames hanging around my house. I've had pictures of "model families" in all of my frames for close to two years! lol!! (hey, at least my walls haven't been bare!)


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              Watch Persnickety Prints for sales! They often will offer discounts and you can buy print credits! Woop Woop!