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  • ISO Cow & Moose

    That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but actually I have a story I want to tell/scrapbook, but the layout I'm envisioning needs some very specific elements: a moose element, and a cow element. So, help me out and show me the meese (and the cows, can't forget the cows)!

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    Um? Cow and moose?! LOL I found African animals, forest animals, dogs and cats, but not what you're looking for ... I think you still need to share the story, though


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      I feel like you need to share the photos that go along with this!


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        And bears OH MY! Ya I think I want to hear this story too! We have moose here- and my daughter always asks why it's goose/geese, but not moose/meese!? English... lol!


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          Kat Hansen gwany1999 AmieN1 here's the story: some friends saw this tall beauty on our lot and sent me the photos. A few weeks later I showed them to one of my husband's coworkers .... and our conversation is captured in this layout.


          • gwany1999
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            that's awesome! What a great page to remember a conversation!

          • AmieN1
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            Not sure if it's because I was raised as a country bumpkin or not... BUT I totally called that as the story! Cow moose are a thing... same with elk

          • Kat Hansen
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            Love it! LOL